[Charles Hutton, mathematician, surveyor] Holograph Index (NOT published) to A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary (2 vols, 1815 edition). List of plates for vol.1 addressed to Rich[ar]d Murphy Esq | St peters street | Derby.. List of Plate

Charles Hutton (1737 – 1823), mathematician and surveyor.
Publication details: 

A. List of plates in 'Vol.Ist', Holograph MS., one page, 4to, small stain, sl.chipped, text complete, addressed to a Richard Murphy of Derby on verso, text columnising No. of Plate, Title/subject, page number; B. List of plates in 'Vol.2nd', Holograph MS., 2pp. fol., bifolium, folded, aged but good condition, columns as List Vol.I. Note: a. This Index doesn't seem to have been published (the text on Google Books and the British Library copy have no such index); b. I haven't checked all the plates, but one reveals the engraver of the plates as 'Multow & Russell' (Plate XXXI); c.

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