[ Violet Hunt; Pre-Raphaelites ] Autograph Note Signed "Violet Madox Hueffer" to Clifford Bax, author, accepting an invitation.

Violet Hunt, author and literary hostess, lived with Ford Madox Hueffer [Ford] for a time.
Publication details: 
[Headed] South Lodge, Campden Hill Road, Kensington, W., 3 Jan., no year [1910-1918? See note below.

Though never married, Hunt carried on a number of relationships, mostly with older men. One page, 12mo, good condition, saying, It is very kind of you to ask me to your party on the 9th and I shall be very pleased top come." Note: Among her lovers were Somerset Maugham and H. G. Wells, though her most notable affair was with the married Hueffer, who lived with her from about 1910 to 1918 at her home South Lodge"

['Truth', Victorian satirical magazine edited by Horace Voules and owned by Henry Labouchère.] Spoof share prospectus for the flotation of 'The British Empire, Unlimited', with 'Memorandum of Association'.

[Henry Labouchère [Henry Du Pré Labouchère] (1831-1912), English politician, writer and theatre owner, proprietor of the satirical magazine 'Truth'; edited by Horace Voules; Lord Salisbury]
Publication details: 
'Supplement to "Truth" Christmas Number, December 25, 1898.' Printed by Love & Wyman, Ltd., Great Queen Street, London, W.C.

4pp., folio. Originally on a bifolium, but now with the two leaves separated and attached to a white stub from an album. In good condition, on aged and lightly-spotted paper, and trimmed at the head. Laid out in the conventional manner, With the reverse of the final leaf printed in landscape, so that the item can be folded into the customary package.

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