[Ken Rosewall and Darlene Hard, celebrated tennis players.] Autograph Signatures.

Ken Rosewall [Kenneth Robert Rosewall] (b.1934), Australian lawn tennis player; Darlene Hard [Darlene Ruth Hard] (b. 1936), American tennis player who won three open championships
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No date or place, but dated in another hand '1956'.

In blue ink on a 9 x 6 cm rectangle of laid paper. In good condition. Hard signs first ('Darlene | Hard') with Rosewall's signature ('Ken Rosewall') curving upwards beneath hers. Between the two, in another hand is the date 1956, and beneath Rosewall's signature, in the same hand, is '(Rosewall)'. In 1956 Rosewall was on the verge of turning professional. In that year he won the US Open, beating fellow-Australian Lew Hoad. It was one of eight Grand Slam finals he played in as an amateur, winning three. In 1956 Hard was nearing her peak.

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