[A ‘happy and hap-hazard hedonist of etymologist’: Ivor Brown.] Autograph Letter Signed and Autograph Card Signed to V. H. Collins, the former defending his position as an ‘amateur’ rather than a ‘verbal authority’.

Ivor Brown [Ivor John Carnegie Brown] (1891-1974), popular and prolific author, noted for his entertaining books on language [Vere Henry Collins, author]
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LETTER: 24 July 1953, on letterhead of the Observer, 22 Tudor Street, London EC4. CARD: 30 March [1954]. 20 Christchurch Hill NW3 [London].

One could not find a better assessment by Brown of his qualities as a writer on language than the letter offered here. As his entry in the Oxford DNB notes: ‘As well as using the English language expertly, he was one of those logophiles, such as F. G. Fowler, H. W. Fowler, and Eric Partridge, who are fascinated by language itself. He became famous for his books about words, agreeable rambles around correct usage and philology, enlivened by literary allusion, quotation, wit, and personal anecdote.

Fragment of Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed correspondent.

Legh Richmond
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Without date or place.

British evangelical divine (1772-1827) and author. Slip of paper roughly seven and a quarter inches by two. Discoloured and heavily creased. Stitched to larger piece of paper. Reads '<...> & thereby lengthen the period for the cultivation of acquaintance amongst us. Give my sincere regards & grateful acknowledgments for past kindness to your family: with true esteem & love from all here & believe me, | faithfully & affecty. yours | Legh Richmond'.

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