[Yakusu; Congo; Mission; Missionary; scarce periodical] Quarterly Notes. Yakusu. No. 13. December 1911.

[Yakusu; scarce periodical]
Publication details: 
Yakusu, December 1911.

Unbound, 12pp., 8vo, a little dingy, fold mark, but the text is clear. Contents include a leader discussing Sutton Smith's book and its implications 'The Yakusus, the very heart of Africa',an article by the Rev. J. Whitehead of Wayika, On the Lualaba at last, a summary of the events of the year, a Native Story in an African language (with English translation), a page on The Stapleton Memorial Hospital, an article about a Supported Teacher and a list of Supported Children (children being located in English towns). A scarce periodical. See image.

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