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[John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh Artist.

[John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh Artist] The Correspondence of John Bromfield Gay Rees, Welsh Artist. An archive..

John Bromfield Gay Rees (1912 - 1965), known to his family and friends as Brom, was a Welsh painter whose work was admired by such eminent figures as Dylan Thomas, Augustus John, William Rothenstein and Eardley Knollys, among others. Introspective and private, he was practically unknown to the...

Sarah Grand [Sarah Grand (1854–1943), Irish feminist writer active from 1873 to 1922. Her work revolved around the New Woman ideal.]

[ Sarah Grand, Irish Novelist; New Woman ] Autograph Letter Signed Sarah Grand to Miss Carpenter about a forthcomiong concert and her inability to attend it.

Two pages, 12mo, corner chipped with loss, evidence of its being tipped onto something, not affecting the text, mainly good condition. Text: Many thanks for letting me know of the forthcoming concert. Being here I should probably not otherwise have heard of it. I do hope your lovely music will...

Julius Beerbohm [ Julius Beerbohm (1854 – 1906), Victorian travel-writer, engineer, explorer and poet.]

[ Julius Beerbohm, traveller and poet, half-brother of Max Beerbohm ] Manuscript Poem Signed J Beerbohm (calligraphically). See image.

32 line poem, cr.8vo, in a frame of an album page (detached), 4to, one ragged edge, celebrating summer, commencing: Is it not well, when the long day is over, | That brimmed with fulness of the summer time-| - Joy of wild bees that roam the the scented clover; [....] See image for full text....

£220.00 beerbohm
Charles Jenkinson, 3rd Earl of Liverpool, sometime Lord Steward of the Household (1841-6).

[ Charles, Earl of Liverpool; Dwarkanath Tagore ] Autograph Letter Signed Liverpool to Fitzgerald about an Indian mat on the floor of the picture gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. Teext: When Dwarkanath Tagore dined at Buckingham Palace he was shocked at the Indian mat which covered the floor of the picture gallery which he said was what a tradesman of Calcutta would not have used [.] [H]e also begged to be allowed to procure a...

[Hesing; Voyage to England and New York from China, 1846-8]

[Hesing Xi Cheng or Sheng, Captain of the Keying, Chinese Junk] Signed 8vo portrait drawing of Hesing, known as Xi Cheng.

Signed `Hesing´ in bold black ink at the foot beneath his portrait, also adding the junk's name `Keying´ and the name `Suckling´ [not traced] to the portrait, all with their equivalent Chinese characters beneath. Quite heavily foxed, mainly around not on the image and signatures, top left corner...

£950.00 Hesing
Antonio Panizzi [Sir Antonio Genesio Maria Panizzi (1797 -1879), Anthony Panizzi, librarian of Italian birth and an Italian patriot, Principal Librarian of the British Museum from 1856 to 1866.]

[ Anthony Panizzi; British ] Autograph Note Signed A Panizzi to unnamed correspondent, explaining that he can't meet up.

Two page, 12mo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I thank you by post [underlined] for you invitation, in order you may get my answer sooned. | I am in town & not likely to go out of it any more than the monument. I have not been well & have been obliged to shut & live by rule. I...

Hugh W. Diamond [Hugh Welch Diamond (1809 ? 1886), early British psychiatrist and photographer who made a major contribution to the craft of psychiatric photography.]

[Hugh Welch Diamond, early psychiatrist] Autograph Letter Signed Hugh W. Diamond to Reid, on personal matters like a visit to Deal

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. Text: I fear you are like myself, & [burning?] into a state of mental debility or you would never imagine that such an old friend as you are could in any way have displeased one. I have not yet been to Brighton again but the invitation is in...

[ICA Gallery] Georges Braque [(1882–1963), 20th-century French painter, collagist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor.]

[ Georges Braque; Cubism; Catalogue; extensively annotated in pencil by Welsh Artist, John Bromfield Gay Rees ] Georges Braque. An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings from collections in England: with lithographs 1909-1953

Catalogue, 12 unnumbered pages, illustrations, 16 x 17 cm, front cover (with Braque drawing he has sent specially for use as a poster and on the cover of the catalogue) grubby, staples rusty, ow fair. John Bromfield Gay Rees has covered the inside covers and back cover with rough drawings of...

Giulia Grisi (1811 – 1869), Italian opera singer.

[ Giulia Grisi, opera singer ] Bold Signature Giulia Grisi.

Signature on slip of paper, c.11 x 2cm, with embossed coat of arms (crown on top), laid down on slightly larger card, sl. irregular, good condition. Docketed the late Madame Grisi. See image,

£56.00 GRISI
Vera Lynn [ Dame Vera Margaret Lynn (née Welch; 1917 -2020), singer, songwriter and entertainer]

[Vera Lynn, Forces' Sweetheart] B & W Photograph of a youthful Vera Lynn Signed Sincerely Yours | Vera Lynn

B & W Photograph, 8 x 13cm, very good condition except for remnants of laying down on the reverse. See image.

£45.00 Vera Lynn
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