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B.C. Brodie [Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, 2nd Baronet FRS (1817?1880), chemist.]

[B.C. Brodie, chemist; Florence Nightingale; Lady Nurses] Autograph Letter Signed B C Brodie to an unnamed male correspindent, concerning lady nurses.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, second leaf laid down on slightly larger paper, edges dusted, small closed tear, fully legible, fair condition. I thank you for the history that you have sent me of the Smyrna hospital. I read it with great interest; & thinking that it might be also interesting...

Augustus De Morgan [(1806?1871), mathematician and logician.]

[Augustus de Morgan] Autograph subscription to letter Signed.

Clipped Subscription to letter, including signature, small closed tear (no loss of text), verson shows signs of having been glued onto (perhaps) an album page, writing clear.

W.M. Haffkine [Waldemar Mordecai Wolff Haffkine], Russian Medical Scientist (bacteriologist/microbiologist) and Zionist.

[ W.M.Haffkine; vaccine ] Autograph Letter Signed W.M. Haffkine to a Mr. Lynch about (medical) qualification.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, sl. crumpled, some staining (not affecting text), text clear and complete. Text: [...] The French were very doubtful as to the possibility of exempting you from the baccalauriat [underlined] examination; but thought it might be possible to obtain that this...

T.M. Healy [Timothy Michael Healy (1855 – 1931), Irish nationalist politician, journalist, author, barrister ]

[T.M. Healy, first Governor-General of the Irish Free State] Autograph Signature Only Faithfully yours | TM Healy.

Clipped signature from letter, 7.5 x 6cm. some staining but autograph clear. On the verso a few words missing connectives, Some caustic critic | the then Prince of | & that this way h | your chance of earl.

H.H. Johnston [Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston (1858 – 1927), known as Harry Johnston, explorer, botanist, artist, colonial administrator, and linguist].

[Harry Johnston, explorer] Autograph Signature and date only, H.H. Johnston | December 1902.

Signature only, paper 12 x 9cm, good condition.He called on the Home Secretary to take action to stop the dangerous socities forming but trade unions were legal. So Squire Frampton used a charge of administering an unlawful oath, using a law applicable to Naval mutinies not workers rights.Paper...

Edith Kermit Roosevelt [(1861-1948), second wife of Theodore Roosevelt, sometime First Lady]

[Edith K. Roosevelt, sometime First Lady] Autograph Letter Signed Edith Kermit Roosevelt to Caroline (Mrs William Phillips of North Beverly, Mass.) about a book about Coleridge's daughter anf the poems of the Lake Poets.

Two Pages, 12mo, very good condition. In original envelope, Free [signed] Edith K. Roosevelt and stamped Received Unsealed at Beverly, Mass, then address in letter writer's hand. Text of letter: After looking thro' the book about Coleridge's daughter I found I did not like it as much as I...

Edward Scriven [1775 – 1841 ), engraver of portraits, in the stipple and chalk manner.]

[Edward Scriven, artist] Autograph Note Signed Edwd Scriven to Lepard [address panel], publisher (prints etc). about paying what he owes.

One page, irregular 8vo, right edge rough through being torn, almost affecting the text but not quite, small hole with loss of some letters from the address but not from text, which is as follows: I enclose the Six Pounds 4/6, as I said I would do yesterday when in Finsbury Square. Here is the...

M. Goldschmidt [Meïr Aron Goldschmidt (1819 – 1887), Danish publisher, journalist and novelist.]

[Meier Aaron Goldschmidt, publisher and author] Autograph Letter Signed M. Goldschmidt to My dear Madam (Mrs Bensusan), establishing social contact in light hearted way.

Three pages, 16mo, bifolium, last page laid down and slightly larger paper, good condition. Text: When I was at your door some time back and left my card, I thought: Well, Mrs. Bensusan has, no doubt, completely forgotten, that there exists in the world such a being as I, for how can any one...

Robert M. Young [Robert Maxwell Young (1935 – 2019), American-born historian of science specialising in the 19th century and particularly Darwinian thought].

[Robert M. Young, historian of science] Autograph Manuscript cum typescript of early draft with multiple annotations of his Mind, Brain and Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century: Cerebral Localization and its biological Context from Gall to Ferrier

Binding black (Instantaneous Binder), 4to, good condition, pagination roughly (added notes intervene) as follows: Prelims inc. Contents, 4pp, in pencil inc. titlepage; Preface 13pp, pencil; Summary of Ph.D. Dissertation, two pp. typescript; MS Note for typist; Body of Text, typescript, pp.[1]-59...

Robert M. Young [Robert Maxwell Young (1935 – 2019), American-born historian of science specialising in the 19th century and particularly Darwinian thought].

[Robert M. Young, historian of science] Typescript of Problems of Transcendence, thesis submitted for B.A. Degree (Yale)

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