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Mary Scharlieb [Dame Mary Ann Dacomb Scharlieb, (n?e Bird; 1845 ? 1930), pioneer British female physician and gynaecologist ]

[Mary Scharlieb, pioneer female physician] Typed Note Signed boldly Mary Scharlieb to Louis B. Frewer, autograph-hunter and Superintendant of the Rhodes House Library in Oxford.

One page, obl. 12mo.Dear Sir, | I am sorry not to comply with your request but I do not like blank [underlined] signatures. See Image.

£80.00 Scharlieb
Paul Robeson [ Paul Leroy Robeson ] (1898-1976), black American baritone singer and actor prominent in the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement

[Paul Robeson, celebrated black stage and screen actor prominent in the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement.] Autograph Signature ('Paul Robeson') written on photograph.

On 11 x 17.5 piece of shiny art paper, cut from a programme. The signature ?Paul Robeson? is written across Robeson?s front, beneath his smiling face in a black and white photograph. Beneath the photograph is the caption: ? ?A voice like his is worth waiting ten years to hear, and an art like...

Ren? Louiche Desfontaines (1750-1833), French botanist, Professor of Botany at the Jardin des Plantes [Fran?ois, Marquis de Barb?-Marbois (1745-1837), French negotiator of Louisiana Purchase]

[Ren? Louiche Desfontaines, Professor of Botany at the Jardin des Plantes.] Autograph Letter Signed (?Desfontaines?) [to the negotiator of the Louisiana Purchase, the Marquis of Barb?-Marbois], thanking him for his ?Histoire de la Louisiane?.

The letter is addressed to ?Monsieur Le marquis?, and the recipient is undoubtedly Barb?-Marbois. The letter presumably dates from 1829, the year of publication of Barb?-Marbois?s ?Histoire de la Louisiane?. The other work referred to, ?Le Complot d?Arnold et de Sir Henry Clinton contre les...

Julia Neilson [Julia Emilie Neilson] (1868-1957), actress and manager with husband Fred Terry, associated with W. S. Gilbert, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Haymarket [W. J. MacQueen-Pope, theatre historiian]

[Julia Neilson, actress and manager with her husband Fred Terry.] Autograph Letter Signed and four Typed Letters Signed to theatre historian W. J. Macqueen-Pope (?Popie?), one inviting him to a meeting, others thanking him for his attentions.

See her entry and that of her husband Fred Terry (1863-1933), brother of Dame Ellen Terry, and of the recipient of these letters W. J. Macqueen-Pope (1888-1960), the foremost British theatre historian of the twentieth century, in the Oxford DNB. The seven items (Neilson?s five letters and carbon...

Henriette Lewis-Hind (d.1937), wife of American painter George Hitchcock (1850-1913) and then of English art critic Charles Lewis-Hind (1862-1927) [Gari Melchers (1860-1932), American artist]

['You poor man!'] Long anguished Draft Letter, in Autograph, signed ‘Your wife’, from Henrietta Hitchcock (the future Henrietta Lewis-Hind) to her husband the American artist George Hitchcock, on his leaving her for his student Cecil Jay.

The anguished response of a rejected wife to the husband who has abandoned her; such an extraordinarily raw document rarely survives, much less in a mostly explicable context (apart from an unexplained reference to an ‘accident’). For the background to this item see Janice Oresman, ‘Gari...

£500.00 Hitchcock
Percival M. Stone, Book Collector [Harvard Theatre Collection and American and British theatre history.]

[Percival M. Stone,book collector; theatre history] Eight long and informative Letters (seven typed, one autograph) to W. P. Macqueen-Pope, foremost British theatre historian of the twentieth century.

The book collector Percival M. Stone (1886-1965) of Waltham, Massachusetts, was a Harvard alumnus. He was an expert in the field of crime fiction, and in particular the 'Dr Thorndyke' stories of R. Austin Freeman. Stone edited an American collection of Freeman's stories, titled 'Dr Thorndyke's...

Thomas Campbell (1777-1844), Scottish poet, author of 'The Pleasures of Hope' (1799) and 'Gertrude of Wyoming' (1809)

Autograph Manuscript, by the Scottish romantic poet Thomas Campbell, of his essay 'Remarks on the Geography of the Ancients'.

32pp, 8vo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged laid Whatman paper with watermarked date 1830. Ruled in pencil by Campbell, and written out in his attractive calligraphic hand. With occasional emendations, and with an entire revision of the twentieth page made by overlaying another leaf of...

Dutton Cook [Edward Dutton Cook] (1829-1883), author, journalist, artist, engraver, drama critic of the Pall Mall Gazette [Hood's Comic Annual]

[‘The last production of the late Mr. Dutton Cook’.] Corrected Autograph Manuscript of Edward Dutton Cook’s last story ‘ “Columbines all of a Row” ’, completed within days of his death and published in 'Hood's Comic Annual'. Signed: ‘Dutton Cook’.

For information on Cook see his biography in the Oxford DNB, which points out that the subtlety of his later fiction was lost on his contemporaries, being written in a style that ‘was not sufficiently sensational’ for the period. The present item is the complete text of the last thing Cook ever...

£450.00 Dutton Cook
Albert Saléza (1867-1916), French tenor opera singer

[Albert Saléza, French tenor opera singer.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘Alb. Saléza’), in French, asking ‘Monsieur Menager’ to secure him ‘deux places pour ma femme et une de ses amies’ at the Opéra that evening.

1p, 12mo. On bifolium. In fair condition, with two pencil notes at head, one in orange. Folded twice. He hopes he is not abusing the kindness of 'Monsieur Menager' (i.e. the house manager) by asking for two seats, for his wife and her friend, as they would like to go to the opera that night....

Augustus John [Augustus Edwin John] (1878-1961), OM RA, celebrated Welsh painter [John Freeman (1915-2014), Labour MP and interviewer on 'Face to Face'; Hugh Burnett (1924-2011), BBC TV producer]

[Augustus John, OM RA, celebrated Welsh painter.] Producer Hugh Burnett’s copy of the typed transcript of John’s BBC TV interview with John Freeman in the series ‘Face to Face’, with proof and typographical marks for publication.

The present item is the producer Hugh Burnett's own copy, from his papers, of the transcript of John Freeman's interview with John, broadcast in the groundbreaking BBC series 'Face to Face' on 15 May 1960. This single-spaced typed transcript was produced for inclusion in Burnett's book 'Face to...

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