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Noel Coward [Sir Noël Peirce Coward (1899 – 1973), playwright, composer, director, actor and singer].

[Noel Coward] His flamboyant and characteristic signature only. See image.

Detached page of autograph album, c. 14 x 10cm, verso, rough edge to show removal, sl. grubby but still striking. Two signatures on recto, Maurice Perrat (radio host and television, actor and voice actor French ), and another.

£28.00 Noel
Huddersfield F.C. in its pomp.

[Huddersfield F.C.] The Autograph Signatures of 12 Players for Huddersfield in its golden period

Page extracted from autograph book, 10 x 14cm, dulled but still clear, one edge roughened having been removed from an autograph book. Signatures of N. Christie, W. Carr, G M Lean, W.E. Roughton, J. Smith, C. Luke, W.H. Smith, J.J. Williams, H. Turner, R. Robinson, W.G.B. Bottrell, F.R. Goodall,...

£350.00 Huddersfield
Pandit [Jawaharlal] Nehru, Indira [Nehru] Gandhi and her Sons, with dog.

[Pandit Nehru, Indira (Nehru) Gandhi and her Sons] Family Photograph of Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi and her two sons, Rajiv and Sanjay. With, on reverse, a signed greetings from Indira Gandhi.

Photograph, c.16 x 11.5cm, very good condition, tipped on to card of same size crudely taped,and with wire for hanging as with a picture, with inscription on verso, All good wishes for the New Year | Indira Gandhi. Some philistine has added to the inscription in blue ink and capitals, WITH THE...

£1,500.00 Nehru
Valentin Gomez Farias [(1781 – 1858), President of Mexico twice.].

[Valentín Gómez Farías; Mexico] Signature with final flourish only. See image.

Piece of paper 9 x 2.5cm, laid down on slightly larger card, with docketing President 1835, sl. grubby but clear and bold. Notes (from Wikipedia): A. President of Mexico during two main periods: one in the early 1830s and one in the late 1840s, when he served as president during the Mexican-...

£350.00 Mexico
Domhnall MacEacharn [Donald MacKechnie]

[Domhnall MacEacharn; Gaelic Poet] Autograph Lines in Gaelic signed 'Domhnall MacEacharn'.

Paper, 11 x 7cm, probably from an album (another signature on reverse (Florence Steel)), laid down on larger piece of paper, on the dingy side but text clear and apparently complete. Docketed Donald MacKechnie | Gaelic Poet. See image. ...

£56.00 Gaelic
Israel Gollancz [Sir Israel Gollancz (1863 – 1930), scholar of early English literature and of Shakespeare].

[Israel Gollancz; Scholar] Bold Autograph Signature Only, Israel Gollancz. See image.

Card, 9 x 6cm. very good condition.

£28.00 Israel
[Nathan M. Rothschild; Lionel de Rothschild prob.]

[Nathan M. Rothschild; Lionel de Rothschild] Promissory Note Signed H.C. Smithson and [?] Hall to an unholsterer called William Banting; countersigned by N.M. Rothschild and L[N?] Rothschild [Lionel de Rothschild presumably]

See images for content. Paper, 19.5 x 9cm, creasing, minor damage. A £100 payment Seven days at the sight [...] for value received as per advice. Attached: small paper, 6 x 4.5cm, printed heading Venn & Son, Notaries [with address] with MS note Present when due | Notl Charges [printed] 3/6...

£400.00 Rothschild
[John Murray and S.T. Coleridge]

[John Murray; Coleridge; Printed] Advertisement headed Mr. Murray has lately published the following works including Christabel [with Kubla Khan]

Four pages, disbound (holes where sewn in for example), edges dusted, fair only. See image. Poem listed on page 4 as follows: CHRISTABEL, &c. By S.T.Coleridge, Esq. 8vo. 4s 6d. | 'That wild and singularly original and beautiful Poem.' No mention of Kubla Khan here, though published with '...

£75.00 Coleridge
Alison Uttley, children's author

[Alison Uttley] Signature only Alison Uttley.

Piece of paper, 7 x 2cm, good clear signature. See image.

Dodie Smith [Dorothy Gladys Smith], children's author and playwright, best known for 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians' .

[Dodie Smith] Autograph Note Signed Dodie to Popie (W. Macqueen-Pope, theatre historian) about an unexpected lunch.

One page, 12mo, very good condition. I was so astonished to find I was lunching with you to-day, instead of with dear Marie Lohr. It was very naughty of you - but also very charming. Anyway, I enjoyed both your conversation and your courtesy. Such graceful acts are rare nowadays.

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