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Earl of Auckland [George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland (1784-1849), politician and colonial administrator, served as Governor-General of India between 1836 and 1842.]

[Auckland; Governor General India; Dwarkanath Tagore] Autograph Letter Signed Auckland to Fitzgerald [William Vesey-FitzGerald, 2nd Baron FitzGerald and Vesey] giving Dwarkanath Tagore a fulsome reference prior to his visit to England.

Two pages, 12mo, sl. crumpled but ow good condition. Text: You must have heard the name of Dwarkanath Tagore who has for many yers been the leading patron in Calcutta of every measure tending to the improvement of his country and of India. He is leaving us for a visit of a year or two to England...

Co. Garnet Wolseley [later Field Marshal Garnet Joseph Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley (1833-1913), Anglo-Irish officer in the British Army.]

[Garnet Wolseley; Field Marshal; Brighton Volunteer Review] Memo Signed G. Wolseley Col with instructions on a parade (or similar).

One page, fold marks, good condition. Page headed Memo, continues: In case of any disputed point requires the decision of the Umpires the Major General commanding will sound the 'cease fire' and the troops will halt until again ordered to advance. When the 'cease fire' followed by the 'assembly...

Alfred Thayer Mahan [1840-1914), United States naval officer and historian].

[Alfred Thayer Mahan; US Navy] Autograph Letter Signed A.T. Mahan to Vice Admiral Brine of the Royal Navy about two Library Catalogues. WITH: Original envelope with postal stamps, addressed to Brine at the United Service Club, Pall Mall, London.

Two pages, 16mo, fold mark, very good condition. He is pursuing his researches. Dear Admiral Brine, | I have received and beg heartily to thank you for the Catalogues of the two libraries - with addenda - which you have so kindly sent me. A tempting array certainly and what a pleasure to be...

[Hesing; Voyage to England and New York from China, 1846-8]

[Hesing Xi Cheng or Sheng, Captain of the Keying, Chinese Junk] Signed 8vo portrait drawing of Hesing, known as Xi Cheng. WITH

Signed `Hesing´ in bold black ink at the foot beneath his portrait, also adding the junk's name `Keying´ and the name `Suckling´ [not traced] to the portrait, all with their equivalent Chinese characters beneath. Quite heavily foxed, mainly around not on the image and signatures, top left corner...

£550.00 Hesing
Alice Longfellow [Alice Mary Longfellow (1850 - 1928), philanthropist, preservationist, eldest surviving daughter of the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

[Alice M. Longfellow] Autograph Note Signed Alice M. Longfellow to Mr Conway[?] sending a note she thought the correspondent would like. See image

One page, 12mo, good condition. Text: In looking over some papers yesterday I found the enclosed note which I take pleasure in sending to you, as I think you will value it. | [...]

Stafford H. Northcote, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1874-1880.

[Stafford Northcote; Disraeli; Suez Canal] Autograph Note Initialled SHN [Stafford H. Northcote] to his Private Secretary, John Arrow Kempe about a high level meeting to discuss the 'Suez Canal purchase'.

One page, 12mo, bifolium, second leaf laid down on slightly larger paper, good condition. Text: We are to have a meeting at Mr. Disraeli's house at 2.30 tomorrow, at which Lord Derby, Cave and Stokes are to be. | Would you write a civil note to Sir Erskine Perry to tell him that some pressing...

Garret A. Hobart [Garret Augustus Hobart (1844 – 1899), 24th vice president of the United States].

[Garret Hobart, Vice-President USA] Business Card signed Yours very sincerely | Garret A. Hobart | Vice President | May 21/98

Business Card, 10 x 6cms, sl. smudged, text clear and bold. Text as above on one side (see image), on the other is printed The Vice President. One website claims the signature is scarce.

£230.00 Hobart
Hugh Gaitskell (1906-1963), sometime leader of the Labour Party.

[Hugh Gaitskell, Labour politician] Typed Note Signed boldly Hugh Gaitskell to M.B. Bradshaw, Director, Art Exhibitions Bureau [...] permitting the exhibition of the Road to Tarbet, presumably a picture in Gaitskell's private collection.

One page, 12mo, very good condition. He gives permission for 'Road to Tarbet' to be exhibited at Scarborough and Hull, on the understanding that you will take full responsibility for returning it to me in London when the Hull Exhibition ends.

Francois D'Orleans, Prince de Joinville (1818-1900), Son of Louis Philippe.

[Francois D'Orleans, Prince de Joinville] Autograph Letter Signed Fr. d'Orleans | Prince de Joinville to unnamed correspondent (Monsieur), concerning his correspondent's dogs and a meeting (foxhunting presumably). In French

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, remnants of the paper it was laid down on on page 4. He looks forward to seeing his correspondent and his dogs at Fetcham [home of the Surrey Union Hunt kennels]. He'd like to know where nous elevons mettre le meet [word underlined]. He talks about the pack of 12...

£60.00 d'Orleans
W.M. Hughes [William Morris Hughes (1862 – 1952), Australian politician who served as the 7th Prime Minister of Australia] [AND Henry J. Wood, conductor, Signature on reverse]

[Billy Hughes, Australian Premier] Bold Signature as follows, W.M. Hughes | Sydney Australia | 20/9/32

Paper, 14 x 5cm, small stain not affecting text, good condition. See image. On the reverse is the signature of Henry J. Wood, conductor who founded the Proms, the J being slightly truncated, losing its tail in the cut.

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