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Dr Alexander Cameron [(1747–1828), Roman Catholic bishop who served as the Vicar Apostolic of the Lowland District, Scotland]., and Others

[Bishop Alexander Cameron and others; Manuscript] Heritable Bond signed on every page by Bishop Alexander Cameron, Alexander Badenoch, Alexander Dick (accountant), George Brown (lawyer), James Francis Kyle (became RC Bishop in 1827)

MS.11 pages, folio, bound with string, last page dusted and grubby, mainly good condition. All pages have the five signatures. Image of first page available.

£120.00 Edinburgh
Thomas William Burgess (1872 – 1950), second person to successfully complete a swim of the English Channel after Matthew Webb.

[Bill Burgess; T.W.Burgess, Channel swimmer] Signature Only T W Burgess

Green Card, 9 x 6cm, laid down on small album page sl. larger than the card, Some creases at corner and across the B of Burgess, sl. soiled but signature clear. See image.

£35.00 Burgess
Dorothy Billson, British Gymnastics Women’s Champions, 1924-6.

[Dorothy Billson, Gymnast] Signature with title, Dorothy Billson | English Champion Gymnast. | May 6th 1924.

Piece of paper (part of autograph book page?), 11 x 4.5, clipping not quite regular, one edge stained, text clear.

[National Arts-Collections Fund, now known as the Art Fund]

[National Arts-Collections Fund, now known as the Art Fund] A Collection of Letters from Lord Balcarres to Arthur a Beckett Terrell (all signed 'Balcarres') re. the business of the fledgling National Arts-Collections Fund..

8 Typed Letters, 4to, 2 of two pages, others one page; 1 Typed Letter, 12mo, one page; one PC; one Autograph Letter, 12mo, one page; all Signed Balcarres with one TLS signed I Spielmann [Isidore Spielmann], writing on behalf of Balcarres. A. Postcard, 10 June [1909]: Asquith ]Prime Minister]...

Solomon Joseph Solomon (1860 – 1927), painter

[Solomon J. Solomon] Autograph signature with part subscription, Yours faithfully | Solomon J. Solomon.

One page, 16mo, very good contion. Text as above.

Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945), painter, printmaker, draughtsman, lecturer, and writer on art [Percy Richard Morley Horder (1870-1944), architect]

[Sir William Rothenstein, artist.] Autograph Note Signed ('Wm Rothenstein'), to 'Morley Horder'.

One page, obl.12mo, small stain not affecting text, clear and good condition. Text: I fear the newspapers gave a sensational aspect to a simple matter. [?] you liked [?name indecipherable to me] & his work at the Gallery.. But his salary was quite insufficient. He was given to believe that...

Melton Prior (1845 – 1910), artist and war correspondent.

[Melton Prior, artist] Autograph Letter Signed Melton-Prior to Sir Augustus Harris [actor, impresario, and dramatist]

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. I scarcely know how to thank you for the very handsome present which I received this afternoon, & cannot help feeling that the slight services I was able to render in connection with 'A Life of Pleasure' [subject the Burmese War which Prior had...

Jelly D'Aranji, violinist; Myra Hess, pianist; Elisabeth Schumann, vocalist; Daisy Bucktrout, accompanist

[Myra Hess and others] Signatures of Jelly D'Aranji, Myra Hess, Elisabeth Schumann, and Daisy Buckland, signed at Bridge of Allan, Jan: 29th /26.

Piece of paper, 19 x 14cms, bottom edge sl. rough (torn rather than cut from other half of the page), ow good condition, with bold signatures. The signatures of Evangeline Florence, soprano (as Evangeline F Crerar, her married name) and Henry Brearley, tenor, the latter dated 2 March 1904 are on...

Edwin Forrest, American Shakespearean Actor (1806-1872).

[Edwin Forrest, actor] Florid and bold Autograph Signature as follows: Yours truly | Edwin Forrest. See image

Piece of paper, 10.5 x 5cm, apparently clipped from a letter, good condition. Text as above, the signature being florid and bold. See image

Henry Mackenzie (1745 – 1831), Scottish lawyer, novelist and writer.

[Henry Mackenzie, Scottish Novelist] Autograph Signature Henry Mackenzie 1824 only. With the relevant page (Mackenzie entry) from a Biographical dictionary

Two 12mo pages, extracted from Public Characters of All Nations: Consisting of Biographical accounts of nearly three thousand eminent contemporaries, alphabetically arranged (1823), later published as A New Biographical Dictionary, of 3000 contemporary public characters, British and foreign, of...

£250.00 Mackenzie
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