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The Stage, London theatre magazine [The Ministry of Fuel and Power, Whitehall; post-war restrictions]

[‘BY PERMISSION of the Ministry of Fuel and Power’.] Duplicated ‘typewritten bulletin, containing essential announcements, “Calls” and “Wanteds”, normally appearing in “The Stage”.’

A scarce piece of English theatrical ephemera, illustrative of the restrictions imposed following the Second World War. From the papers of W. Macqueen-Pope. (See his entry in the Oxford DNB.) The item is a duplicated bulletin of six closely-typed 8vo pages, on three loose leaves. The text is...

W. H. K. Wright [William Henry Kearley Wright], (1844-1915), poet, editor of the Western Antiquary [Victorian armorial bookplates; Edward Morrall of Quay House, Bridgnorth; M. J. Morrall]

[W. H. K. Wright: Victorian armorial bookplates.] Two Original Illustrations of Designs for Armorial Bookplates, one ‘Presented to Mr Edward Morrall Quay House Bridgenorth’.

Each of the two items attributed to Wright in pencil note on reverse. Both in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: On 11 x 17.5 cm piece of paper. At head: ‘Book Plate of Morrall A[?] vox stellarum vox Dei’. At foot: ‘M. J. Morrall’. (Unlikely to be the Brooklyn architect of this name active at...

£120.00 Wright
Nelson Keys [Nelson Waite Keys, ‘Bunch’] (1887-1939), actor and comedian, father of the film-maker John Paddy Carstairs (1910-1970) [Arthur Wimperis; C. B. Cochran; London Pavilion]

[‘One of the very best comedians of the generation.’] Autograph Note Signed by Nelson Keys, with holograph poem by ‘G. L.’ and Signed Note by ‘Gordon’ for actress playing ‘Spirit of Spring’ in Arthur Wimperis revue at C. B. Cochran's London Pavilion.

Keys features in his son’s entry in the Oxford DNB. (John Paddy Carstairs was christened Nelson John Keys.) Three theatrical autographs - Nelson Keys, ‘G. L.’ and ‘Gordon’ - on one side of a 25 x 20.5 cm piece of card. Apparently a gift from fellow cast-members to the actress playing the ‘Spirit...

£80.00 Keys
Malachy Lynch (1899-1972), Irish Carmelite friar who restored Aylesford Priory, Kent, and was its Prior [Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton (b;1894), Roman Catholic author]

['Shady deals' re Aylesford Priory.] Two Typed Letters Signed from Carmelite friar and prior Malachy Lynch to Major G. Wynne-Rushton, with two letters written for him (by ‘J. Cleeves’ and ‘J. R.’), on ‘Soulsby’s shady deals’ over a pilgrimage to Rome

The context appears to be that Wynne-Rushton is supplying Aylesford with ‘inside information’ regarding the ‘shady deals’ of one Soulsby, proprietor of the Westminster Association, a travel agent’s being employed by Aylesford with regard to a pilgrimage to Rome. Lynch’s two letters and that of J...

Rear-Admiral Edward O’Bryen (c.1753-1808), Royal Navy officer who played a prominent part in the Nore Mutiny and Battle of Camperdown

[Rear-Admiral Edward O’Bryen, Royal Navy officer prominent in the Nore Mutiny and Battle of Camperdown.] Four Autograph Signatures cut from the conclusion of four letters, with some surviving text, including part of a prayer.

For information about this brave and gallant man, who offered himself to be hanged in place of his fellow officers during the Nore Mutiny, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The presence of these four items together may indicate a Victorian autograph dealer as the source, or perhaps a family...

£80.00 Bryen
[ Irish MPs in Parliament, 1870-1890 ]

Irish M.P.s; Home Rule] A Collection of Autograph Signatures of Irish MPs in Parliament, admissions to Strangers' Gallery etc,

IRISH MPS SIGNATURES. See image of Parnell's Admission (all in his hand).(Date of Admission in brackets with constituency).Joseph Gillis Biggar (n.y.; County Cavan}Maurice Brooks (1880; Dublin)Isaac Butt (1874; County Meath)Patrick O'Brien (1870; King's County (now County Offaly))William R. O'...

John Barrow [Sir John Barrow, (1764 – 1848), geographer, linguist, writer and civil servant]

[John Barrow, geographer etc] Address panel Signed John Barrow addressed to Col. Brotherton, presumably Sir Thomas William Browne Brotherton (Wikipedia).

Address Panel only, 13 x 7.5cms, tipped onto very slightly larger piece of paper, formerly tipped onto another surface. FREE stamp. Text all in Barrow's hand: London Eighteenth April 1835 | Col. Brotherton | Depot | John Barrow Maidstone. See image.

A.C. Swinburne [Algernon Charles Swinburne ( 1837 – 1909), poet, playwright, novelist, and critic.]

[Swinburne] Front of Postal Envelope, address in Swinburne's hand.

Postal Envelope Front, 11.5 x 9.5, black-bordered, postmark partially obscured by minor damage, good condition. See image

£50.00 Swinburne
‘Odali Careno’, occasional stage name of Oda Slobodskaya (1888-1970), Russian soprano associated with Chaliapin, Diaghilev and Stravinsky, who settled in England

[‘Odali Careno’ (stage name of Oda Slobodskaya, Russian soprano).] Autograph Note Signed (‘Odali Careno’), providing a ‘small Autograph’.

For Diaghilev Slobodskaya starred in the 1922 Paris premiere of Stravinsky's opera Mavra, and she toured Europe as principal soprano with Chaliapin’s company. For her serious operatic work she retained her real name, but she used the stage name ‘Odali Careno’ when performing in vaudeville and...

£50.00 Odali
‘Clemence Dane’, nom de plume of Winifred Ashton (1888-1965), playwright, novelist and Oscar-winning screenplay writer [G. Ralton Barnard of York]

[‘Clemence Dane’, i.e. Winifred Ashton, playwright, novelist and Oscar-winning screenplay writer.] Typed Letter Signed discussing a misunderstanding of her book ‘Legend’, with inscribed photographic portrait.

See Ashton’s entry in the Oxford DNB. Both items in good condition, lightly aged, with evidence of mount to blank reverse of photograph. ONE: TLS. 17 January 1922. 1p, 12mo. Folded once. Signed ‘Clemence Dane’. Addressed to G. Railton Barnard, 6 The Crescent, York. She thanks him for his ‘...

£120.00 Clemence Dane
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