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Printed source: History of Lodge Dramatic and Arts No. 757, 1888-1938, Prepared in celebration of the Jubilee of the Lodge by Brother J. Hamilton Birrell, Past Master, Grand Bard (Published by Andersons Edinburgh Limited, [1938]). Contains biographical entries on the thirty founders and 'outstanding brethren'.[Hereafter 'Birrell'] The items in this collection date from the period covered in the first five chapters, pp.9-60.Seventy-one items, dating from between 1888 and 1909, concerning the Freemasons' Lodge Dramatic and Arts No. 757, from its inception to the year 1909, together with nearly four hundred items of correspondence addressed to the Lodge Secretary, all dating from 1893. Given the notoriously secretive nature of 'the Craft', this collection is all the more valuable for the light it casts on the foundation and early activities of a late nineteenth-century Lodge. Of particular interest are the early minutes, including one dating from before the Lodge's foundation, and the lists of members, among them significant figures (see section A, item thirty-nine), including several architects and the actor Henry Irving.The correspondence provides a fascinating snapshot of the activities of a Scottish Lodge during a single year at the end of the nineteenth century. The quotations in the list below give an indication of the tone. Topics include: the new premises at 1a Hill Street ('those self contained premises entering from No. 1a. Hill Street Edinburgh, at present occupied as a dancing Academy & Dwelling House by Mr. G. Atkinson'), including communications with tradesmen regarding refurbishment; Lodge meetings; new members; return of tickets; the accepting and declining of invitations to Lodge dinners; the organising of a 'funeral Lodge', the payment of subscriptions; and requests for assistance. A number of letters of complaint (for example J. C. Dibdin and John Glasse below) are especially revealing. Also of interest are the letterheads of other lodges, and of Edinburgh businesses.The following description is divided into two sections: 'Lodge papers' and 'Correspondence'.A. Lodge papersItems in manuscript unless otherwise stated. In excellent overall condition, with only two items (items sixty-five and sixty-six) duplicates.One: [1888.] 'Masonic Lodge | List of proposed founders of Lodge'. 2pp., folio. Undated. With additions and emendations. Giving names and addresses of twenty-nine individuals, with a further three deleted, naming the affiliated lodges of five individuals.Two: 1888. 'Minutes of Meeting of Master Freemasons desirous of forming a Lodge in Edinburgh devoted to the Drama and the Arts. Held in the Theatre Royal Broughton Street Edinburgh on Tuesday the 19th. day of June 1888 @ 9 oclock pm | Present: - | Brothers William Officer [(1826-1906)], James Crichton [(1832-1892)], W[illiam]. D[rummond]. Young, J[ames] M[acintyre] Henry, J[ames]. C[axton]. Dibden [sic, for 'Dibdin'], C. [sic, for 'G[eorge].'] Arnold, R[obert]. S. Smythe, J[ames]. P[eter]. Curle, William Cruikshank [(lithographer, d.1895)], [blank] Veitch, and William A[lbert] Davis [d.1923]'. 4pp., folio. With emendations. The meeting's aim is to 'consider the propriety of founding a Lodge for the purpose of joining together in Masonic labours, & extending the benefits of the Craft in Edinburgh especially among Members of the Drama and the Various grades of Arts, & Science'. For this initial meeting of 'a small but representative group' of 'enthusiastic pioneers', see Birrell, pp.9-10.Three: 1888. 'Minutes of Meeting of Master Freemasons desirous of forming a Lodge in Edinburgh devoted to the Drama & the Arts held in the Freemasons' Hall 96 George Street Edinburgh on Monday the 25th. June 1888 @ 5.15p.m.' 4 + [i]pp., folio. Bound with pink ribbon.Four: 1888. 'Meeting of Founders. 28 June 1888 | Agenda'. 2pp., folio. [The third preliminary meeting, described at Birrell, p.11.]Five: 1888. 'Minute of Mtg of Founders of the Dramatic and Arts Lodge of Freemasons, held in the Freemasons Hall 96 George St Edinburgh on Thursday the 28th. day of June 88 @ 5.00 pm'. 3pp, folio. In pencil.Six: 1888. 'Minute of Meeting of Founders of the Dramatic and Arts Lodge of Freemasons, held in the Freemasons Hall 96 George Street, Edinburgh on Tuesday the 3rd. day of July 1888 at 5 o'clock P.M. | Present: - | Brothers James Crichton, George Arnold, William A. Davis, James P. Curle, William Cruikshank, T[homas]. C. Poyser, Frank, Emery, W. G[rant]. Stevenson [(1849-1919)], W. D. Young, and J. M. Henry.' Signed by Crichton as Chairman. 4 + [i]pp., folio. Bound with pink ribbon. Regarding the office of Chaplaincy to the Lodge, 'the best colour to be adopted by the Lodge', 'the Paraphernalia required' and other matters. [The fourth preliminary meeting, described at Birrell, p.11.]Seven: 1888. 'Minute of Meeting of the Founders of the Dramatic & Arts Lodge of Freemasons held in the Masonic Hall Rooms 98 George Street Edinburgh'. 11 July 1888. Signed by James Crichton, Chairman. 3pp., folio. [The fifth preliminary meeting, described at Birrell, pp.11-12: 'Brothers Crichton and Officer, at the instigation of their Mother Lodge (which opposed the formation of the new Lodge), withdrew their names from the proposed list of office-bearers'.]Eight: 1888. 'Agenda | Meeting of Founders.' 16 July 1888. 2pp., folio. [The 'final preliminary meeting', described at Birrell, p.12.]Nine: 1888. 'Minute of Meeting of the Founders of the Dramatic & Arts Lodge held in the Masonic Hall, No 98 George Street Edinburgh on Monday the 16th. day of July 1888 at 4 o'clock p.m.' Signed by W. Grant Stevenson. 3pp., folio.Ten: 1888. Draft of letter from the secretary of the 'proposed Lodge' (William Albert Davis) to D. Murray Lyon, Secretary, Grand Lodge of Scotland. 37 George Street, Edinburgh; 24 July 1888. 4pp., folio. 'I am instructed to present the Enclosed Petition to Grand Lodge praying for a Charter to enable us to commence our labours as a new body in the craft.'Eleven: [1888.] Draft 'Petition for Charter for Lodge'. Printed form, 3pp., folio, partly completed in pencil and red ink, Including list of proposed 'first Office-Bearers of the Lodge'. With manuscript addition, 1p., 4to.Twelve: 1888. 'Agenda of Meeting of Founders'. 8 August 1888. 3pp., folio. In ink and pencil.Thirteen: 1888. 'Agenda | Meeting of Lodge.' 15 August 1888. 2pp., folio. In ink and pencil. With undated 'Resolution', 1p., folio, regarding 'Applicants for Initiation, or Affiliation to this Lodge'.Fourteen: [1888.] Draft Bye Laws. 10 + [i]pp., folio. With additions and emendations in pencil and ink. Preamble and 25 sections, from 'Cap I - Constitution' to 'Cap XXV - Founders of the Lodge' (the last followed by a list of 'The Original Office Bearers of the Lodge'). The Preamble neatly lays out the Lodge's aims: 'This Lodge has been established for the purpose of joining together in Masonic labours, and extending the benefits of the Craft in Edinburgh, especially among Members of the various grades of "Art" viz those of the Drama, Literature, Painting, Architecture, Sculpture and kindred professions which are held to embrace Law & Accounts Medicine & Surgery and any other branch of Art, which the Lodge may think it expedient from time to time to include; and Whereas it is expedient that every well governed Lodge should have a properly-framed Code of Laws for its guidance, We, the Right Worshipful Master, Officer - Bearers, & Brethren of this Lodge designated "The Dramatic and Arts Edinburgh" holding of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, do hereby enact the following Laws & Regulations, and, severally bind ourselves to give due observance thereto.'Fifteen: 1888. Proofs of the 'Draft Bye-Laws of the Lodge Dramatic and Arts, Edinburgh. No. 757.' 4pp., folio. With manuscript additions and emendations. Ending with 'Cap. 26. - Laws to be Read Yearly.' and a list of the thirty 'Founders of the Lodge.' In manuscript at the foot of the last page is the following statement, with the green seal of the Grand Lodge of Scotland: 'Freemason's Hall, Edinburgh | 30th. November 1888. | The foregoing Bye-Laws of the Lodge Dramatic and Arts, Edinburgh, No. 757, having been examined by the Grand Committee, and found to be in unison with the Laws and Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, are hereby sanctioned. | [signed] D: Murray Lyon | Secretary to the Grand Lodge'.Sixteen: [1888]. List of 'Founders' Diplomas'. 1p., folio. The signatures of fifteen individuals from 'William A Davis' to 'J A Moonie', paying 5s each, some dated 16 and 21 August, and others 5 September.Seventeen: 1888. Signed Insurance policy issued by the Manchester Fire Assurance Company to the Lodge for £100 for the furniture and fittings, 20 December 1888. 2pp., folio. Large document with impressive engraved letterhead. With signed 'Memo' on reverse by Resident Secretary W. W. Pearson, Glasgow, 7 February 1889. In printed envelope.Eighteen: 1888-1889. 'List of R[ight]. W[orshipful]. M[aster].'s in the Edinburgh District for the year 1888-1889 | William A. Davis, Secretary'. Listing thirty individuals from thirty different lodges, with number of lodge and 'address of R. W. M.'Nineteen: 1889. 'Statement of Secretary as to what has been done under Resolution passed at Meeting of Lodge on 8th. Jany. 1889.' 3pp., folio. The resolution reads 'That a number not exceeding ten Laymen or non-professional Brethren shall be admitted as new Members of the Lodge before the constitution of Bye Laws of the Lodge shall be strictly adhered to.'Twenty: 1889. Treasurer Dibdin's Cash Intromissions. ['Scroll of Bro. J. C. Dibdin's Intromissions as Treasurer'. 3pp., folio. Accounts in double column, with entries including subscription, application and initiation fees for named individuals.Twenty-one: 1889. List of individuals from whom apologies have been received for non-attendance of 'Musical Evening 5 Nov. 1889'. 1p., folio.Twenty-two: [1889?] Manuscript list of names and addresses, headed 'Names', and with numbers in columns for 'Blue', 'Pink' and 'Yellow'. 2pp., folio. On paper with watermarked date 1888.Twenty-three: 1890. Copy of circular letter from William A. Davis, Secretary for Bazaar Committee. Edinburgh; April 1890. 3pp., folio. Concerning the 'forthcoming Grand Lodge Bazaar'. 'The object is a laudable one [...] the Most Worshipful the Grand Master has much pleasure in giving his sanction for the proposal [...] St Giles Cathedral has through the kindness of Dr. Cameron Lees & Brother Lindsay MacKeisy W. S. been placed for this purpose at our desposal [...] A liberal Collection is earnestly requested on behalf of the Masonic Benevolent Fund'.Twenty-four: 1890. Copy of letter from William A. Davis to D. Murray Lyon, Grand Secretary. 37 George Street, Edinburgh; 7 May 1890. 2pp., folio. With pencil emendations. Regarding the 'Masonic Sermon', he describes how he has 'now got the musical & Choral arrangements into shape'. 'Brother Moonie undertakes to organize a Choir of about 100 voices & Brother Carl Hamilton undertakes to organize an Orchestra of somewhere between 25 & 50 pieces'. Gives an arrangement of the service in a list of 11 items ('1. The 100th. Psalm by Choir & Orchestra'). He gives an estimate of the costs. 'I propose to call upon Mr. Lindsay Mackersey & get his consent to the St. Giles Choir forming the neuclus [sic] of our Choir for the Solos &c'.Twenty-five: 1890. Copy letter from W. A. Davis to Henry Irving, Lyceum Theatre, London. 2 June 1890. 2pp., folio. Addressed to 'Dear Sir & Brother', and beginning 'At a meeting of Management Committee held last week, and presided over by the Right Worshipful Master-Brother W. Grant Stevenson A.R.S.A. it was unanimously agreed to offer you Honorary Affiliation to Lodge "Dramatic and Arts" Edinburgh No. 757. on the occasion of your visit to this City towards the end of the present month.'Twenty-six: 1890-1891. 'Scroll Minutes kept by Bro J[oseph]. Brown. Act: Secretary'. 19 + [ii]pp., 4to. The first minutes dated 'Lodge Room Waterloo Hotel | Tuesday 18th. Nov. 1890 5 P.M.' The last minutes for 5 May 1891.Twenty-seven: 1891-1892. Eligible Members for Office. 2pp., folio. 'Present Office' for some individuals given in red, with some occupations.Twenty-eight: 1892. Printed 'Petition' by 'G. DICKSON, R.W.M. No. 1.' Headed 'Unto the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, the Right Worshipful Grand Wardens, Office-Bearers, and Brethren, of The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, the Petition of The Right Worshipful Masters, Worshipful Wardens and Brethren of the following Lodges situated in Edinburgh and Leith'. Stating that 'a Provincial Grand Lodge, in view of the past history of this district, is repugnant to the feelings of the Brethren'.Twenty-nine: 1892. Printed document headed 'PROOF | Lodge St Stephen. No. 145.' Docketed in manuscript: 'Copy of Correspondence between W. Ivison Macadam & Wishart & Macnaughton | 1892'. 3pp., folio.Thirty: 1893. Printed circular, headed 'Grand Lodge of Scotland', and with facsimile of signature of 'D: Murray Lyon | Grand Secretary', dated 25 February 1893, inviting lodges to 'recommend a Brother for appointment to the PROVINCIAL GRAND MASTERSHIP of the PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE of EDINBURGH'. On pink paper.Thirty-one: 1893. Printed circular, in facsimile of the autograph of William A. Davis, Secretary, on letterhead of the Dramatic and Arts Lodge of Edinburgh, No 757. 24 April 1893. 1p., 4to. On green paper. Regarding the 'Proposed Lodge premises'. Begins: 'The Committee in charge of this matter has been looking about for premises suitable for the purpose, and they have inspected a place which appears to be in every way suitable.'Thirty-two: 1893. Handbill notice, signed in type'BANDON, | Grand Secretary.' Headed 'Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. Masons of Ireland. | Freemasons' Hall, | Dublin, 1st May, 1893.' 1p., 4to. Printed in blue. A copy of a resolution on the Government of Ireland Bill.Thirty-three: 1893. Printed notice, with facsimile signature of 'D: Murray Lyon | Grand Secretary.' Headed 'Grand Lodge of Scotland. | Freemasons' Hall, | Edinburgh, 20th May 1893.' 1p., 12mo. Regarding the fee for the annual certificate.Twenty-four: 1893. Signed Insurance policy issued by the Manchester Fire Assurance Company to Lodge Secretary W. A. Davis for £200 for the Lodge's furniture and fittings, 26 September 1893.Thirty-five: 1893. Printed 'Admission Ticket' and programme for 'Masonic Service under the Auspices of The Portobello Lodge, No. 226, in Portobello Parish Church, on Sunday, 23rd July 1893, at Six o'clock.' 3pp., 8vo. Printed on green paper. Docketed 'Programme & Admission Tick. to Lodge Portobello. 23rd. July 1893'.Thirty-six: 1893. Printed notice, originally 1p, 8vo, with bottom part bearing Lyon's facsimile signature torn off. Headed 'Grand Lodge of Scotland. | Freemason's Hall, Edinburgh, 30th November 1893.'Regarding the completion by Lodges of a return.Thirty-seven: 1893. Printed notice from the '"Evening Dispatch" Office, Edinburgh, 11th December, 1893.' 1p., 12mo. Requesting 'a list of the New Office-Bearers of Lodge ['Dramatic & Arts' added in manuscript]'.Thirty-eight: 1898. Agenda. 3 May 1898. 2pp., folio. With purple circular stamp of the Lodge.Thirty-nine: 1899. Typewritten list of members of the Lodge, 1899. 4pp., folio. The list gives the name, profession and address of each individual. Manuscript emendations. Among those listed are 'Sir Thos. D. Gibson Carmichael M.P. Castlecraig, Dolphinton [81 Duke St. Grosvenor Sqr. London]'; 'Hon. Alexander Oliphant Murray [(1870-1920)] (Master of Elibank) Juniper Bank, Walkerburn'; 'Sampatrae K. Giakwad [sic] | Deputy Governor of India | C/o Whiteley's Shipping Dept. Westborn [sic] Grove, London'; 'Thos. R. Hepburn [Thomas Nicoll Hepburn (1861-1930) | Author | 14 Cumberland St. [altered to 122 Marchmont Rd]'; 'Raoul de Dreux Kunz | Mus. Bac. Oxon. | Empire Theatre (Hon)'; 'H. E. Moss [Sir Henry Edward Moss (1851-1912)] | Theatrical Manager | Empire Theatre, Nicolson Street'; 'Donald Geo. McLennan | Prof. of Dancing | 13a Maitland St. [Edin.]'; the architects J. M[acintyre]. Henry (1852-1929), Arthur George Sydney Mitchell (1856-1930), Frank Worthington Simon (1862-1933), John Wallace; the artists William Adamson [(d.1908)], A. D. Jenkinson ('Artist in Glass'), John Turner Kelly (1866-1909), J. P. Nicholson, George Turnbull ('Painter & Publisher'), W. Drummond Young; the musicians Archie T. Lee Ashton (1873-), Giovanni Bozzi (hon. member), Henry Dambmann (hon. member, d.1918), John Fisher Guyer, Carl D. Hamilton (d.1900), John Mackay, James Adamson Moonie (1853-1923), Frederick Edward Fitzgerald O'Brien (hon. member, d.1935), James Winram (hon. member, d.1937), and the vocalists James Lyle and Alfred Piggott; goldsmith William Hamilton (d.1911); journalists Andrew Aitken, George Peacock, John Wilson.Forty: 1903. Printed 'Report to Grand Lodge by the Special Committee appointed on 23rd April 1903, with reference to the Licensing Bill.' By Alfred A. Murray, Chairman. 7pp., 12mo. Includes 3pp. of 'Memorandum for the information of Masonic Lodges meeting in Scotland relative to the effect of the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 1903, upon the provision for refreshments which may be made by such lodges.' Also 3pp. of 'Memorial for the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Scotland for the Opinion of Counsel' by C. Kincaid Mackenzie, 47 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, 16 October 1903.Forty-one: 1903. Printed circular from David Reid, Grand Secretary. Freemasons' Hall, Edinburgh, 10 November 1903. 1p., 8vo. Headed with the words 'HIGHLY IMPORTANT.' and engraved crest. Docketed 'Memorandum from Grand Lodge as to Registration of Lodges as Clubs'.Forty-two: 1903. Typed draft of 'Forms of Application by [blank] Club for Certificate of Registration, and relative Deliverances Intimation. 1903. George A. Porter, Solicitor.' 7 + 1pp., folio. Not filled in.Forty-three: [1903.] Form of Application for Renewal of Club Registration Certificate. 3pp., folio. A printed form, partially completed in manuscript with regard to the Lodge. Undated, but headed 'Under the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 1903. | Unto the Honourable the Sheriff of the County of [Midlothian]'.Forty-four to Forty-nine: 1904-1910. Six printed Certificates of Registration of the Lodge as a Club, for years ending in 1905, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911. Each filled in by William Gardner, Registrar of Clubs, Sheriff Court of Edinburgh.Fifty: 1906. Lithographed 'Annual Certificate. Year Ending June 24th. 1907' by the Grand Lodge of Scotland for Lodge No. 757, signed by David Reid, Grand Secretary. 1p., folio. Printed on vellum paper, in black ink, headed by engraved crest, and with the Grand Lodge's seal blind stamped. 'The said Lodge Dramatic & Arts, Edinburgh. No. 757. therefore is intitled, and the Grand Lodge of Scotland hereby authorise them to exercise their whole powers and functions of Free Masons in terms of and conform [sic] to their Charter of Constitution and Erection'.Fifty-one: 1907. Typed draft of 'Lodge Dramatic & Arts. Form of Application for Licence as a Club | George A. Porter | Solr.' With pencil emendations and date 5 February 1907. 3pp., folio.Fifty-two: 1907. List of 'Toasts &c. at Reception to Sister Lodges', 22 April 1907. 2pp., folio. Partly in pencil, partly typewritten.Fifty-three: 1907. Typed draft 'Form of Demit' for 'Brother William Meek Page [(1875-c.1955)], Architect'. On letterhead of the Lodge's Secretary's Office; 22 April 1907. 1p., 4to. with extensive manuscript emendations.Fifty-four: 1907. Typed 'Oration by William Allan Carter, R. W. M. re the death of Brother James Macpherson, C.A. ,Treasurer of the Lodge.' Made at meeting of 4 June 1907, Macpherson having died on 30 May 1907. 2pp., folio. With a few manuscript emendations.Fifty-five: [1907?] Manuscript 'List of Members of Lodge Dramatic & Arts No. 757 | <1907?>.' 4pp., folio. With addresses and telephone numbers.Fifty-six: 1907, 1909. Typed list of members, June 1907 ['new List started Dec 1909'], with numerous manuscript emendations and additions. 6pp., folio. Headed '4 Copies. as altered'. Giving name, address and some telephone numbers.Fifty-seven: 1907. 'Blanks in Pet[itio]n form filled up as follows'. 3pp., folio. Giving the text used to complete the next item.Fifty-eight: 1907. Printed 'Petition of a Widow' to the 'Annuity Fund of the Grand Lodge of Scotland'. 4pp., folio. Filled in for 'Mrs Barbara Landor Pryde, 36 Clifton Gardens Maida Vale London W. Widow of David Pryde [(1834-1907)] M.A. LLD. FRSE FSA. Scot., late principal of the Edinburgh Ladies College' and marked as 'Declined'. [Two uncompleted copies of the form are Items Fifty-four and Fifty-five.]Fifty-nine: 1908. Lithographed 'Annual Certificate. Year Ending June 24th. 1909' by the Grand Lodge of Scotland for Lodge No. 757, signed by David Reid, Grand Secretary. 1p., folio. As the certificate for 106, but with the Grand Lodge's seal printed in green.Sixty: 1908. Copy of 'Letters of Commendation to the Brethren' in Sweden, on behalf of Brother Sven Söderberg formerly of the Standard Assurance Company, 1 George Street, Edinburgh', who has 'left Edinburgh to settle in Sweden'. On letterhead of the Lodge Dramatic and Arts, Edinburgh, No. 757 ('MEETINGS | FIRST TUESDAY MONTHLY | OCTOBER TO JUNE, | IN LODGE ROOM, | 1A HILL STREET, | EDINBURGH.'), with the Lodge's engraved crest ('FOUNDED 1888').Sixty-one: 1908. Typed list of Members, 1908. 4pp., folio. With numerous manuscript additions and emendations. Further manuscript additions are on an attached 4to page. Together with calling card of 'Mr. Sidney Wingfield | BASSO | "AMASIS" | CRITERION THEATRE.' On the reverse of the card, in pencil: 'Lyceum Theatre | Important Masonic business'.Sixty-two: 1909. 'Dramatic & Arts No. 757. | List of Brethren | September 1909.' 5 + [i]pp., folio. Typewritten, with notes in ink and pencil. Giving names, addresses, status (honorary and life members marked in red ink), and notes such as 'Resigned 1/11/10', 'Died 11th. March 1910', '4 years fees past due', '4 years in arears', 'Have paid no Subscription for years' and 'Has not yet intimated if he will continue membership',.Sixty-three: 1909. List of Members. Typescript with manuscript addition. 8 + [i]pp., folio. In alphabetical order, with addresses and telephone numbers.Sixty-four: [Undated.] Rough pencil notes, 2pp., 4to, on worn paper, with covering leaf dockted 'Lodge Dramatic & Arts 757 | Notes of papers in Minute Books containing reference to theatrical people | [initialled] '.Sixty-five and Sixty-six: [Undated.] Two copies of printed 'Petition of a Widow' to the 'Annuity Fund of the Grand Lodge of Scotland'. 4pp., folio. With facsimile signatures of David Reid, Grand Secretary. Neither completed.Sixty-seven: [Undated.] Two copies of printed petition 'To the Committee of The Fund of Scottish Masonic Benevolence.' 4pp., folio. With facsimile signature of David Reid, Grand Secretary. Neither completed.Sixty-eight: [Undated.] Printed 'Grand Lodge of Scotland. | Installation Return', 'Offices of the Grand Lodge of Scotland - | Freemasons' Hall, 96 George Street, Edinburgh.' Landscape 8vo. A 'Schedule', not filled in. Slightly different to next.Sixty-nine: [Undated.] Printed 'Grand Lodge of Scotland | Installation Return', 'Offices of Grand Lodge of Scotland - | Freemasons' Hall, 96 George Street, Edinburgh.' Landscape 8vo. A 'Schedule', not filled in. Slightly different to last.Seventy: [Undated.] Pencil notes, 2pp., 4to. Docketed 'Particulars re D W Nicolson'.Seventy-one: [Undated.] Pencil notes, 2pp., 12mo. Docketed 'Memo. re Bro. Wm. Meek Page'.B. Correspondence324 letters, 6 cards and 4 telegrams, from a total of 175 individuals. All dating from the year 1893, and addressed to the Lodge Secretary William A. Davis. A handful typed, the rest in manuscript. The letters in a variety of formats, with the majority 1 or 2pp., 12mo. Overall condition good, with a few lightly damp-stained (not affecting text)The correspondents are as follows:- W. Adamson- Andrew Aitken of the 'Scotsman' (2)- F. W. Allen- John Allen of the Lodge Star of Addiewell No. 635- Alexander Anderson (1845-1909), Assistant Librarian, University of Edinburgh (3)- Grahamsley Atkinson (4), regarding premises at 1a Hill Street- C. Baxter- Robert Fitzroy Bell (10) - On 29 December 1893: 'I have got a new recruit in the person of Mr. Sydney Mitchell. I suppose we meet on Tuesday. Can he get his first degree?'- James Berry- Charles O. Birch- Alexander Black- W. Black- Thomas Blackwood (2)- P. S. Blair of Lodge St John's, Fisherrow, No. 112 (2)- R. Blair & Son, Wine Merchants & Cigar Importers, enclosing 'Menus for Hot & Cold Dinner after Lodge Meeting'- Thomas Bonnar, Painter & Decorator (6), regarding 'sketch and estimate for the painting of the portion [of 1a Hill Street] to be used by the Lodge'- John Borthwick, of 'what will prove to be a very impressive service': 'I find you have already all the singing fraternity, at least all I do know are to be with you'- J. J. Boswell- John Bowman- George H. Boyd (2)- Lord Breadalbane, 'Nothing would have given me greater pleasure than to become a Member of the Lodge, but with my office in the Government I have so much to do that I am obliged to decline the honour. I never like to take up what I am unable to carry out'.- J. O. Brickman (2)- G. M. Brown- Joseph Brown- R. S. Brown, Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland- Sir James Buchanan- C. Pelham Burn- Alexander Campbell (4), acting for the Lodge regarding the leasing of the premises in Hill Street. Letter of 1 May 1893, with 'Copy of Offer by Lodge', 29 April 1893, signed by Davies- John Campbell- Joseph Campbell- A. H. Cannes- Dr James Carmichael- W. Allan Carter (3), 18 February 1893: 'I should be inclined to hold that Naval Architecture was as much an Art as "Law & Accounts" and if the party ['Shaw', for whom see Lingard below] is an adept in that branch of business our Door might be open to him - In naval or marine Engineering all the Applied Arts are taken advantage of and altho' our preamble indicates more particularly that the Lodge shall be representative of the Fine Arts, a loop hole is certainly opened up by the words "and any other branch of Arts &c. &c."- George Christie (3)- A. Clark- James G. Cochrane- W. M. Croal of the Scotsman- W. Cruikshank- Arthur J. Curle (3), 20 February 1893: 'I did not intend going further into Masonry, it being an eternal case of "shell out" ever since I began! & the tide never flowing the other way, or even much satisfaction to be had!'- Sir Charles Dalrymple- Henry Dambmann (letter + telegram)- Alexander Davidson (3)- F. W. Deas, on letterhead of the Savile Club, London- J. C. Dibdin (4) On 1 February 1893 he writes, on back of application form, 'Whats this for? If theres any paying I'm off. Cant afford it. dreadfully hard up just now'. Later in the same month he seems to relent: 'All right - you must not suffer - I will tell you my ideas about it later on - Heavens almighty! does 757 think it is doing me a compliment in asking me to pay to go into Grand Lodge! [signed] JCD | I would rather pay to stay out.'- G. Dickson of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1. (2)- James Dickson of the Glasgow Herald: Although 'the Dramatic and Arts Lodge had been good enough to pass my application for membership. I am very sorry that on account of circumstances which have recently arisen I am not in a position to accept membership at present. [...] Whenever I make another application you may be sure it will be to the Dramatic and Arts.'- William Kirk Dickson (1860-1949), Keeper of the Advocates' Library (2)- George C. Douglas- J. Drew- J. Dalrymple Duncan- Arthur Cawse Edmunds- G. Elliot of Wolflee- J. E. Elston of St Leonard Lodge, No. 580- John Fairweather- R. S. Forbes- Thomas Forrest- John Fraser- John Garden- P. Geddes- Captain Gordon Gilmour- John Glasse (2), 11 October 1893: 'I have not so much time to give to Freemasonry as I have given and have thought seriously of resigning. The only considerations that have prevented me doing so are the present condition of the lodge and the very friendly relations I have always had with its members.' 18 October 1893: 'On second thoughts I have come to the conclusion to resign at once my connection with lodge Dramatic and Arts. My sole reason for doing so is that I cannot afford to give so much off my time to Masonic business and find my connection with St. David's as much as I can properly maintain.'- Edmund Goldsmid- S. G. Goldsmid- M. Goldston (2)- John Grahame- James Grant- P. C. Grant, Piano-Forte, Harmonium, American Organ & Music Warehouse: 'I have the pleasure of bringing to your notice a combined Pianoforte and American Organ'.- W. H. Gray, 'Quite recently [...] The Rosicrucians did me the honour of electing me as a Chaplain, & I think for the present as I have accepted their nomination I must decline further honour in that direction.'- William Gray & Son, Furnishing Ironmongers (5), for work on the lodge, including the lavatory and 'sail cloth sufficient to cover centre of floor'- J. J. M. Greig- J. Grierson- James Grieve, Waterloo Hotel, Edinburgh (4)- Carl D. Hamilton (3)- William Hamilton (2)- Messrs C. and F. Hamilton, Organ Builders (3), inlcuding letter regarding a 'really fine' organ, removed 'from Dr. Goodsir Danube Street'.- Walter Hatton (2 + card)- M. Henderson- J. M. Henry- R. W. Hill (2)- Holland & Co., Cabinet Makers & Carpet Warehousemen, 'We hereby estimate to suply you with one hundred Chairs, - dark -, the same as shown us by you in the Hall of the Edinburgh Society of Musicians'- William Hughson, requesting assistance- A. D. Jenkinson- G. W. Johnstone (2)- R. J. Jamieson (2)- J. Cunninghame Kay- Alexander Ker (2)- J. L. Kerpen, The Esplanade Hotel, Penarth, Cardiff, S. Wales (3), 'you surely do not mean that the Lodge has any claim upon me for arrears? Everybody knew my position after I left the "Clarendon" & apart from that, several of the officials of that Lodge knew (you included) that I had left Edinburgh to seek my fortune elsewhere & not to return again - [...] Were I a well to do chap I should not hesitate to pay this sum though I may not actually owe it'.- Robert Kyle (2)- Charles Augustus Kühne (2)- James Landells- George W. Lingard (7), 3 February 1893: 'Would you please inform me if a brother who is Superintendent Engineer of a fleet of Leith ocean steamers ['my friend Shaw'], and, by virtue of his skill and engineering knowledge a Board of Trade assessor in that port, is eligible for affliliate of Lodge Dramatic & Arts, No 757. Of course a man holding such a position must be a competent draughtsman and designer.'- Charles Locke- D. Murray Lyon, Grand Secretary, Freemasons' Hall (9)- W. Ivison Macadam (12 + card), two on backs of circulars from the Secretary's Office, 9 and 21 October 1893, with copy of 'Letter to W. I. Macadam from Geo. Walker 27 - 4 - 93'- J. MacGillwray- J. W. Macgregor- Sir A. MacKenzie (6)- Mackerry- John Marshall, LLD, Rector, Royal High School, Edinburgh (3), 13 October 1893: 'My other engagements and residence for a considerable part of the year out of town render me an unsuitable member of a Lodge so laudably active in the affairs of Freemasonry and in its hospitality as the Dramatic and Arts. I have been a very bad attender, and would only be a worse if I continued. Please accept for the Lodge a farewell offering of three Guineas towards the expenses of the new instalment.'- Dr P. G. Marshall (card)- John McCrae (6)- Thomas M. McCrae, Lodge St David, No. 36- J. Melrose- J. H. Balfour Melville- Dr J. Middleton, The Provincial Grand Lodge of Roxburgh, Peebles, and Selkirkshires (2 + telegram)- J. Millar- Peter Moir- J. A. Moonie (2 cards)- H. E. Moss (2)- Alexander Neilson (2)- George E. Neuring- W. J. Newton, Lodge Kilwinning, No. 10- Harry Nicholl (3)- E. W. Nightingale, 21 October 1893: 'The "British Nightingale" that was at one time suddenly converted by the Magic Wand of a Master Mason, into a "Roman Eagle," - fears that your kind intention of presenting him with an Order of Admission to the Lodge Dramatic and Arts on the 25th. Inst. - is not, (owing to the great number intending to be present,) easily to be accomplished, and if so, please don't trouble about it.'- Rev. Dr Niven- F. E. F. O'Brien- W. E. Oliver, advocate- J. M. Dick Pedder- A. Gordon Petrie (4)- Charles J. Pfister, 2 May 1893: 'I am a Member of the Resp: Lodge Montary, 217, Grnd. Lodge of California, Chef de Cuisine and confect. Decorator, since the close of the last Season in Scarborough, out of regular employment and in consequence of illness at present in a rather cloudy position. It is my utmost desire to return to Scarborough in expectation of a re-engagement'.- J. H. Pilkington- Thomas C. Poyser (3)- Harry Rawson (2)- Alan Reid- David Reid (2)- Frank Richardson- William Rignold- John Ritchie & Co. (2 with 2 copies), regarding advertisements in the Scotsman- J. A. Robertson- David A. Ross (9), one regarding the lease of premises- A. D. Russell (6), regarding the proposal of the Lodge to let the Bach Society have its new Hill St premises their meetings- Lord Saltoun- George Scott of Robertson and Scott, Newspaper Agents (2)- William Short (3 + telegram), 25 July 1893: 'I may mention that we have more members who belong to the Craft since our last visit for instance Fred James the Bassoon has joined the Derby Allcroft, Landon Conductor Warwick Williams &c. &c.'- John Sime- James Simpson- H. Smith of the North British Railway Lodge, No. 597- J. Smith (2)- A. Speirs- J. E. Stanley- R. Steel- D. W. Stevenson (2)- D. K. Stewart- R. F. Shaw Stewart (2)- Dr Story- Robert Stott- A. Lawrence Tait- John Taylor of Lodge St Clair Edinburgh No. 349 (2)- John Taylor & Son, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers (3)- C. Tedsworth- J. Thompson (3)- J. J. Thyne (2)- Rev. Dr Tulloch- George Turnbull (2)- George Urie junior- A. C. D. Vert (2)- W. Waddel- A. C. Wade (3)- A. Waghorne of Lodge Edinburgh St Andrew No. 48- George Webster- Alexander Welsh (2)- Arthur Weston- W. Williams- W. Owen Williams, New Veterinary College, Edinburgh, 25 October 1893: 'I must say that it does not seem to me to be very masonic to endeavour to force Brethren to attend functions.'- George Wilson (3)- John Wilson- W. Wilson- Wilson, Kerr, & Co, Wholesale Provision Merchants (3)- James Winram- E. B. Wishart (1 + telegram)- Dr Thomas Wood (2 + card)- Hamilton Wyllie, 1 February 1836: 'The Master and Lodge 757 can scarcely expect me to inconvenience myself, when they, so unanimously, sat on the proposer, at the last election of Office-bearers of the Lodge, that the honours should go round, and that Dr. Hamilton Wylie J.P.M. of Lodge St. Davids No 36, might be Surgeon for a term.'- H. C. Wyld (2)- Norman Wyld- W. D. Young