Manuscript (part prob.)signed by Williams as Captain and by the gunner [Jack?] Mathers.

Admiral Thomas Williams (then Captain of the "Vanguard).
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Two pages, c.8" x 8" (probably lacking half a folio leaf), pages, entitled "An Account of Gunner's Stores returned into Store &c from His Majesty's Ship Vanguard, Sir Thomas Williams, Kt. Captain between the 27th February 1801 and the 30th November 1801, pages columnised under headings: Time return (all 12 August); Place where (all Portsmouth); To whom ([S.L. Spencer?] Storekeeper); Quality (see list below); and Quantity. "Quality" includes such items as: Carronade, Sliding carriage; Elevating screw; Shot; flannel cartridges; powder horns, tompions; round shot; spunges (sic); etc.; etc. Signatures of Williams and Mather at the end of the list on the second page. From DNB: "In February 1801 Williams was appointed to the Vanguard, which in the summer was sent up the Baltic, and on her return was employed in the blockade of Cadiz. In 1804-5."