Coloured poster for 'Chess, Sutton Coldfield', advertising many products and services, headed 'SEE! Many prices REDUCED!!' and 'Fischer plays Spassky for the world Championship, probably June to July (venue not yet decided).'

[Baruch H. Wood, Proprietor and Editor, Chess (Sutton Coldfield) Ltd, founded 1935, printers, publishers, manufacturers, importers, exporters [Bobby Fischer versus Boris Spassky, Reykjavik, 1972]
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'CHESS, Sutton Coldfield, England is always sufficient address'. [1972.]
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The poster printed on one side of a 50 x 36.5 cm piece of paper, in black, red and purple, with four photographs (chessmen, clocks, demonstration board, and miniature set). Folded three times. In good condition, on aged paper, with pinholes to the edges and 'ALL ENQUIRIES TO MR MCCARTHY LAB ONE.' in red ink at foot. The text is arranged in three columns, with advertisements for a demonstrations board; the magazine 'Chess'; 'The only British-made Chess Clock', 'The Postal Chess League', 'Beautiful Staunton chessmen in solid plastic', books by Kotov and Wood, 'Chess Neckties', score sheets, score books, display cards, folding boards, and 'Magnetic Wallet set at a fantastically reasonable price.' With handbill, printed in red and black on one side of a piece of 19cm square paper, announcing: 'We offer "Chess" to schools at half price!': 'The master in charge of chess is responsible for getting in money and returning "unsolds". If there is no master willing to undertake the task, a boy can act as "agent". [...] Schools have taken over a thousand copies of each issue of "CHESS" under this scheme. Won't YOU come in? Both items bear witness to the' indefatigable energy of Baruch Harold Wood (1909-1989), MSc OBE