[ Printed pamphlet. ] No. 6 of Tom Mann's 'The Industrial Syndicalist', with headline 'A Manchester Message to the Workers of Britain', devoted to a report on the First Conference on Industrial Syndicalism, Coal Exchange, Manchester, 1910.

[ Tom Mann (1856-1941), editor; Guy Bowman, proprietor ] [ 'The Industrial Syndicalist, London magazine; First Conference on Industrial Syndicalism, Coal Exchange, Manchester, 1910 ]
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December 1910 (Vol. I., No. 6.), 'Printed by T.C.P. Ltd. (T.U. & 48 hrs), 37A Clerkenwell Green, E.C., and Published by Guy Bowman, at 4, Maude Terrace, Walthamstow.'
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48pp., thin 12mo. (20 x 9 cm.) Stapled. In good condition, on aged newspaper stock. Divided into ten sections: 'List of Delegates and Bodies Represented', 'The Conference', 'Chairman's Opening Remarks', 'Tom Mann's Address', 'The Resolution', 'The Discussion', 'A Weekly Newspaper' 'Manchester Syndicalist Education League', 'Parliamentary Action', 'Next Conference'. Ends with page on 'Industrial Syndicalism. What it is, and What it isn't', and two pages of details of 'Persons willing to speak as advocates of Industrial Syndicalism in their respective districts'. Back cover gives details of essay-writing competition on 'The Battle of Stepney'. Disregarding the 1974 reprint, only two entries for this issue on COPAC, at the London School of Economics and Oxford.