[ Eric W. MacLean, writing under pseudonym 'Eric Townsend'. ] Autograph directions to his agents in copy of 'The Fighting Cherub. A Fine Boxing Yarn. By Eric W. Townsend, Author of "Son o' the Wild," "The Red Fighter," etc., etc.'

'Eric Townsend' [ pseudonym of Eric William MacLean (b.1901) ] [ Joe Louis, 'The Brown Bomber' (1914-1981), heavyweight boxing champion of the world; Altrincham, Manchester ]
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'No. 611. - "The Boys' Friend" 4d. Complete Library.' [ 1938 ]
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The printed volume is 64pp., 12mo. Bound by Townsend in patterned brown cloth, with the title 'The Fighting Cherub.' in gilt on front cover. In good condition, on browned newspaper stock, in lightly-worn binding. The story, in twenty-seven chapters, is printed in small print, in double column, with a drophead title and no illustrations. Townsend has written his address on the front pastedown: '4 Norman's Place. | Altrincham. | Via. Manchester.' Laid down across the pastedowns is a 12mo piece of paper, on which Townsend gives publication details, headed 'To Messrs Publishers' Agents. Ltd. | Originated as "Black Brutus." | To be put to 50,000 words. This contains a Love interest: would be no. 1 of the series, in view of Topicality of Joe Louis, "The Brown Bomber." He suggests titles for cover and title-page, the latter ending: 'This is the original version of "Brown Brutus," as conceived by the author. | First published in this series, 1938, by - &c. All rights reserved. | Reproduction without the author's permission strictly forbidden.' On reverse of front pastedown he writes: 'First published serially in "The Boys' Realm," 1923. | Approx. 65,000 wordds. | All second rights available. | Alternative Title: "Black Brutus."' Underneath this he writes in pencil: 'Note for Revised Editor: "Brown Brutus:" is a Kanaka black?' The hero of the story is not the 'Black Brutus' and 'Kanaka', Samson Pride, but the white man who defeats him (the eponymous 'Fighting Cherub'), Tim Summers, the penultimate chapter being titled 'The Breaking of the Brute!'