[ Richard F. Burton; Arabian Nights Edition de luxe; Grolier Society ] PROSPECTUS [to Arabian Nights Entertainments/ The Book of the Thousand Nights anda Night] With enclosures

[ Richard F. Burton; Arabian Nights Edition de luxe; Subscription Edition ]
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[ From enclosed printed letter] The Grolier Society, 50 Great Russell Street, London, WC, 1902.
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Prospectus, [24]pp., cr. 8vo, decorative coloured wraps, arabic style, some gilt, rusted at staples, "Printed for Subscribers Only". [1] Hf-title; [2] Swinburne poem to Burton; [3] titlepage; [4-19] description of the book and various aspects; [[20-2]] Specimen pages; [23] Previous publication by Grolier (=Charles Lever); [24] blank. Two plates (ilustrations) loosely inserted. Other enclosures are: A Substantial printed letter signed G. Hannay Carr dated 29 Nov 1902, discussing and promoting the set; a decorative page with titlepage information; folded advertisement, coloured, gilt, 39 x 28cm, for caskets for special editions, and a view of the volumes in "the Three-Quarter Levant Binding".