[ "Education of the Negro Race"; West Indies".] [Printed Parliamentary] Circular. MS title "Education" (Peel's hand), signed "Grey". WITH: [Prtd] Brief Practical Suggestions [full title below]

[ Henry George Grey, 3rd Earl Grey, sometime Colonial Secretary (from 1846); B. Kay Shuttleworth; Benjamin Hawes; Frederick Peel, M.P. ]
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Item One, "Downing Street, 26th January 1847" AND Item 2, "Privy Council Office Whitehall, 6 January 1847
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[ Circular] Printed in italics, 3pp., folio (paginated in MS 105-107, extracted from a volume of Parliamentary Circulars with the ownership signature "Frederick Peel", Member of Parliament (from Feb. 1849), dated 1839-1851), very good condition. Bound WITH [Printed] B. Kay Shuttleworth, "Brief Practical Suggestions on the Mode of Organizing and Conductiong Day-Schools of INDUSTRY, MODEL FARM SCHOOL, and NORMAL SCHOOLS, as part of a SYSTEM of Education for the COLOURED RACES of the BRITISH COLONIES, 10pp., folio (also paginated in MS. 109-118), very good condition. ITEM ONE. The Circular: The opening paragraph of the Circular indicates areas of later discussion: " "During the short period which has elapsed since my accession to Office, I have repeatedly had occasion to communicate to the Governors of West Indian Colonies my sentiments on the subject of the Education of the Labouring Classes, and it would not be easy for me to express to you the anxiety which I feel to omit nothing which Her Majesty's Government can contribute towards that object, - no opportunity of rendering experience obtained at home available to the West Indies, and, above all, no means of inspring the Influential Classes, and through them the entire communities, with the feelings with which such subjects are regarded in this Country by all those who take an interest in its well-being. It is impossible to look at the state of things in the West Indies, arising as it does out of unexampled changes [end of slavery. etc], and tending, no doubt, to momentous issues of one kind oranother, without preceiving that the Education of the Negro Race is the great means by which Emancipation may be made to result not merely in exemption from physical sufferings and brutalizing oppressions, but in a moral and spiritual freedom, resting on a stronger foundation than that of human laws, and comprehending an advancement in Christian virtues and happiness in which human laws can but very imperfectly contribute, except through the channel of Education and Religious Instruction [......]. Note: Text of (copy of this) Circular available in Parliamentary Papers, vol. 39. ITEM TWO. The "Brief Practical Suggestions on the Mode of Organizing and Conducting Day-Schools of Industry [...] by "B. Kay Shuttleworth" . The text may be found in The Minutes of the Committee of Council of Education, vol.1, pp.56-71, author Sir J.P. Kay Shuttleworth [James Kay Shuttleworth was the leading educationalist of his time]. Only two copies of the original work are recorded (Manchester and Canadian Institution). BL appears to have only a microfiche.