[ Hugh MacDiarmid ] Substantial part of a Typed Letter Signed C.M. Grieve (Hugh MacDiarmid) introducing his unknown correspondent to a leaflet giving information about him [PRESENT]

C.M. Grieve (Hugh MacDiarmid), Scottish Poet, journalist, essayist and political figure.
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Apparently the top of the letter has been cut off (with presumably his address and the date, and name of correspondent).
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Paper, 20 x 11.5cm, punch-hole (one only, the other having been cut off (as stated above) - perhaps filed formerly). Text: My name may perhaps be known to you as that of a well-known Scottish poet and essayist, author of a number of books on Scottish literary, historical, sociological, economic and political matters. I enclose a leaflet giving some information about my work. | I will be glad to write and submit an article along the above lines immediiately if I hear from you that you are willing to consider this. WITH: Leaflet, 8vo, four pages, at some time torn in two and crudely repaired, with punch-holes, entitled Speaking for Scotland Tributes Concerning Hugh MacDiarmuid. 199 in red crayon is written on front top right. Scarce: holdings NLS and some American Libraries.