[Aberdeen Shoemaker's Stock and Equipment, 1838] [MANUSCRIPT] Roup [Auction] Account of the Stock in Trade which belonged to Mr. Andrew Affleck Shoemaker sold in his Shop Union Street Aberdeen | 19th and 20th March 1838.

[Aberdeen Shoemaker's Stock and Equipment, 1838]
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[Aberdeen, 1838]
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Eight Pages, sm. fol., two bifoliums, fold marks, good condition. Stock and Cobblers' Equipment listed with quantities and sums achieved. Headings: Pair Prunella Shoes; Prunella Boots, Cloth Boots [...] Leather Shoes, Boots, Gents Boots, Wellington Boots, Blucher Boots, Slippers [...], Grindstone (x 9), Cutting Board (x18), Logs, Lasts, Boothooks, etc. etc. See Images