Mimeographed handbill for the 'LEMAR (Legalise Marijuana)' campaign, headed 'Free Marijuana Prisoners'

Ed Saunders/Allen Ginsberg
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'LEMAR (Legalise Marijuana) | c/o Peace Eye Book Store | 383 East 10th Street | New York City, NY 10009'. Dated '1-10-65' [10 January 1965].
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8vo (A4) handbill, printed on one side. The heading 'FREE MARIJUANA PRISONERS' and part of the text reproduces handwriting (printed not cursive so to speak - see image on my website - Ginsberg's or Saunder's?) , the rest is typed. Text clear and complete. Fair, on lightly-aged and creased paper. The part of the text reproducing manuscript reads 'Many New Yorkers are arrested each year for possession of the harmless herb marijuana. Woman prisoners are kept in the Women's House of Detention. NYC Lemar will demonstrate at the Women's House of Detention Greenwich Ave. & W. 10th Street on Sunday Jan. 10th from 1.00 to 3.00 pm. Calls for an 'immediate amnesty'. 'Thousands of responsible New Yorkers use pot, but only some get caught! (The rest live in daily jeopardy of their freedom.)' Gives four reasons why the 'laws against pot are blatant travesties of justice'. 'End Prohibition! Refuse to participate in Marijuana prosecution! Millions of Americans smoke pot.' Ends by laying out the three aims of LEMAR's campaign. In his 'The True Story Behind NORML and the Politics of Marijuana' Patrick Anderson states that 'Poets Ed Saunders and Allen Ginsberg started a chapter [of Lemar] in New York in early 1965 and organized demonstrations outside several prisons.' Excessively scarce: no copy on COPAC or WorldCat.