[Printed prospectus, signed by author.] Lecture on the British Arctic Air-Route Expedition by Martin Lindsay. A Member of the Expedition and the Author of Those Greenland Days. [With photographs of author and of four arctic scenes.]

Sir Martin Lindsay [Sir Martin Alexander Lindsay] (1905-1981), explorer and Conservative politician [British Arctic Air Route Expedition, Greenland, 1930-1931; Augustine Courtauld (1904-1959)]
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'Printed by DRESSERS, Darlington.' Undated [1932].
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3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In black and white on shiny art paper. Lightly worn and aged, with 5 cm closed tears along central vertical fold lines of both leaves. The text, on the first page, begins: 'The Expedition consisted of fourteen men of an average age of 24, who left England in the summer of 1930 to study the flying conditions of Greenland for a short air-route across the Arctic regions to Canada.' It describes how 'Mr. Courtauld volunteered to remain alone for five months at an observation post on the ice-cap, when the rigours of a winter sledging journey had made it impossible to leave enough food for two men. [...] During the last six weeks of his five months' ordeal, Mr. Courtauld was imprisoned in his tent. The winter gales had finally drifted the snow right over the top of it, so that the ventilator was the only part of it remaining visible above the surface. Soon afterwards he was left without light as some of his paraffin had leaked away'. Can be dated from reference to 'the cinema film, Northern Lights, which is to be released all over England in September'. At foot of the page are four 'Extracts from some of Mr. Lindsay's Press Cuttings.' The central two pages carry four 15 x 10 cm photographs, captioned 'The Quest', 'Aeroplane on Fjord in Winter', 'Hauling Sledges up a Glacier' and 'A Sledging Camp on the Ice-Cap'. Beside the title on the first page is a 7.5 x 5 cm photograph of 'Mr. Martin Lindsay' in uniform.Signed note in pencil by Lindsay at head of first page: 'Catterick Camp | Yorkshire | available next 2 Seasons | M Lindsay'. No copies on COPAC or WorldCat.