Mimeographed printed notice to Fellows of the British Interplanetary Society by Arthur C. Clarke, as 'A.C. CLARKE, Chairman of the Council', regarding a reorganization of the Society's finances at a 'vital period in the development of astronautics'.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer and Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society, 1946-7 and 1951-3
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The British Interplanetary Society, 'Secretarial address: 157, Friary Road, London, S.E.15.' 1 July 1947.
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1p., 8vo. A fragile piece of ephemera, on aged paper, with wear at head (not affecting text). The notice begins: 'For several months past the Council has had under consideration the question of the Society's finances since it has become apparent that our annual income is insufficient to ensure a continuous and regular flow of publications.' References follow to 'donations from private members', an 'enforced summer recess', 'the acquisition of library shelves, desks and other fittings'. Two reasons are given in justification of the doubling of the 'Fellowship subscription'. The notice ends: 'In conclusion I would like to express the hope that all Fellows will feel able to support this proposal, which would enable us to issue material which could not otherwise be published at this viatl period in the development of astronautics generally and the B.I.S. in particular.' It was only in the previous year that Clarke managed to sell his first two stories (to Astounding Science Fiction).