Four folders of notes by Frank Mallalieu of D. & H. Mallalieu, Bailey Mill, Delph, Oldham, Lancashire, compiled while studying in the Department of Textiles Industries, Huddersfield Technical College, including graph patterns and cloth swatches.

Frank Mallalieu of D. & H. Mallalieu Ltd, textile manufacturer, Bailey Mill, Delph, Oldham [Huddersfield Technical College, founded as Huddersfield Mechanics' Institution and now the University of ]
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Huddersfield Technical College; between 1929 and 1939.
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These items not only constitute survivals from one of the leading Lancashire textile manufacturers, in an era when the industry in that area was world-renowned, but also of what was considered to be one of the very best of the north of England's celebrated working men's colleges. A total of 507pp., 4to., in four folders. In addition to Frank Mallalieu's meticulous course notes, diagrams and calculations (with occasional tutors' markings), the contents include 99pp. of mimeographed course notes and 47 swatches of material. The four folders are coloured in either pink, blue or orange, each with the printed legend of Huddersfield Technical College and the details of the subject, stage, name and session written out in manuscript. The contents are complete and neatly presented, on aged and spotted paper, in heavily-worn covers, with a pervasive musty smell. FOLDER ONE: 'Pattern Analysis I', 1930-1931. 79pp., 4to, including 20pp. of mimeographed circulars of course notes, and 30 swatches of material, with graph diagrams showing their design. 17 sets of autograph course notes by Mallalieu, dated from between 25 September [1930] and 24 March [1931], on topics including: types of fabric; numerical expression of weaves; colour as applied to cloth; warping; drafting; healds; shrinkages of cloth. FOLDER TWO: 'Calculations I & II', 1936-1937. 211pp, 4to., including 46pp. of mimeographed circulars of course notes (two with diagrams of machinery). 46 sets of autograph course notes by Mallalieu, dated from between 21 September [1936] and 24 May [1937], on topics including: conversion; testing for counts; twist in yarn; compound yarns with shrinkage; shrinkages in warp and weft; percentage weights of materials in cloth; estimating weight per yard; extra ends. FOLDER THREE: 'Design II', 1937-1938. 122pp., 4to, including 26pp. of mimeographed circulars of course notes (including 4 diagrams of machinery), 15 swatches of material, numerous diagrams on graph paper, and card patterns. 23 sets of autograph course notes by Mallalieu, dated from between 1 October [1937] and 27 May [1938], on topics including: corkscrew weaves; backed cloths; fancy reps or cords; fancy vestings; ribs; shadow stripes and checks; driving delivery rollers. FOLDER FOUR: 'Rangemaking', 1938-1939. 95pp., 4to., including 7pp. of mimeographed circulars of course notes, 2 small swatches of material, and numerous diagrams on graph paper. 22 sets of autograph course notes by Mallalieu, dated from between 19 September [1938] and 17 April [1939], on topics including: dent or card weaves; two colour twist yarns; extra end designing, weft cords, hand twists; trousering cloths; woollen suitings; overcoating cloths; and ending with Mallalieu's notes on 'City & Guilds Examination 1938. Design.' For more information about the Huddersfield Technical College, see M. P. Tylecote's 'The Mechanics' Institutes Of Lancashire And Yorkshire Before 1851'. Mallalieu's of Delph was founded in 1840. It has survived recent difficulties, and is managed by a direct descendant of the founders. Three members of the Mallalieu family were Members of Parliament.