Autograph Letter Signed ('E J Lindgren') from Dr Ethel John Lindgren to fellow-anthropologist J. H. Driberg, concerning a book by another author, accepted for publication by the Council of the University of Cambridge in 1904, and returned in 1928.

Dr Ethel John Lindgren (1905-1988), anthropologist [Jack Herbert Driberg (1888-1946), Lecturer in Anthropology, Cambridge University, 1934-42; brother of Labour MP Tom Driberg (1905-76)]
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On letterhead of 34 Causewayside, Fen Causeway, Cambridge. 8 November 1939.
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2pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. She asks him if he can 'shed any light' on a book or paper (not named), 'or indicate what amount of interest it is likely to have': 'The author wrote it in 1904, added to it in 1907. Council [of the University of Cambridge] accepted it for publication in 1916. It was returned to the author, at his request, in 1928!' She could send it to Driberg, 'to look through, if you like (or rather if you are willing!)' A postscript regarding Sir E. E. Evans-Pritchard, emphatically underlined, reads: 'Is it true that E-P is married???'