Five issues of a duplicated illustrated manuscript magazine, titled 'The Tubbendens Gazette', compiled by the family circle of Sir Francis Henry Evans and his wife Mary de Grasse Evans, including pieces on Harrow School and Girton College, Cambridge.

[Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907) of Tubbendens, Orpington, Kent, banker and politician, his wife Lady Marie de Grasse Evans (d.1907)] [Harrow School; Girton College, Cambridge]
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[Tubbendens, near Orpington, Kent.] The five issues dated February, March, April, May and June 1892.
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Each issue 6pp., foolscap 8vo, on three leaves. All five issues duplicating, in blue and purple ink, manuscript text, mostly set out in double column, and hand-drawn illustrations. The issues for February and March in the hand of an unnamed male editor; the third issue edited by 'Gwladys Evans'. The earliest issue (February 1892) carries an explanatory introduction beginning: 'It is with mixed feelings of trepidation and delight that we again appear before the public, like a debutante on the stage, we shiver at the thought of becoming the medium, whereby the Tubbendens Circle is to be brought into, if possible, closer bonds of friendship. And now that we are fairly launched, so to speak, we appeal to each of our kind friends who is interested in our welfare, not to forget us at this critical moment, but to send us regularly an abundance of "Copy".' Topics include family news, correspondence, descriptions of entertainments (including cricket and dances), weather forecast. The illustrations are amateurish but charming; the last issue carries a masthead in 'Willow Pattern' style; other illustrations include country scenes and caricatures. The issue for March 1899 contains 'Reminiscences of Harrow', with four illustrations of school scenes by 'G C'. There are references throughout to 'the Girton girls' - Sir Francis Evans's two daughters, educated at Girton College, Cambridge - and the June 1899 issue includes a 'Girton Report'. A typical entry, from May 1899, reads: 'Elstree News | "There was a Supper Night" | Well we went to Chapel for about an hour. When we came back we went to supper. Nor for the first time in my life I had a lamb to carve, but no one wanted any so I lost my first chance. Then we had a Concert Mr. R. T. Richardson played the violin cello. Mr. W. N. Roe played the violin. Mr. D. Beardwell P. A. M. played the piano. Mr. F. T. Macdonald sang "High Jerry Ho". | Tweedledum and Tweedledee returned from Elstree on the 13th. Their Easter holidays terminate May 9th. | Brother R. Nigger & the "Mimi" have gone to Thames side for the boating season.' No copies traced, either COPAC or OCLC WorldCat. Also included is a programme (1p., folio) for a Christmas 1892 production of Romeo and Juliet at Tubbendens. Duplicated in purple, with illustrations at head and list of 'Dramatis Personae' ('Romeo. M. de G. Evans').