[Printed items.] Nine pamphlets relating to the Yorkshire College, Leeds, Victoria University: five course prospectuses (including Agriculture and Day Classes), four reports (including Agriculture and Textile Industries, Dyeing and Art Classes).

[The Yorkshire College, Leeds; Victoria College; Leeds University; Board of Education Reference Library]
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Five printed by McCorquodale & Co. Limited, Leeds, and three by Jowett & Sowry, Printers and Lithographers, 78 Albion Street, Leeds. Dating from between 1893-1894 and 1903-1904.
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The Yorkshire College of Science was founded in 1874, and merged with Owens College, Manchester, and University College, Liverpool, to form Victoria University ten years later. In 1904, King Edward VII granted Leeds University its own Charter as an independent institution. The nine items from the Board of Education Reference Library, and carrying its stamps, shelf-marks and red labels. All nine in fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Comprising: ONE. 'Department of Agriculture. Third Report, 1893-4.' 48pp., 8vo. In light-blue printed wraps. TWO. 'Department of Agriculture. Fourth Report, 1894-5.' 54pp., 8vo. In light-blue printed wraps. THREE. 'Report on the Work of the Textile Industries, Dyeing and Art Classes, For the Session 1894-5.' 15pp., 8vo. Stapled and unbound. FOUR. 'Prospectus of the Courses in Agriculture. Session 1894-5.' 24pp., 12mo. Stapled, in light-blue printed wraps. FIVE. 'Prospectus of the Courses in Agriculture. Session 1895-6.' 23pp., 12mo. Stapled, in grey printed wraps. SIX. 'Twenty-second Annual Report, 1895-6.' 91pp., 8vo. In pink printed wraps. SEVEN. 'Department of Science, Technology and Arts. Prospectus of Day Classes For the Twenty-Fifth session, 1898-9.' Irregularly paginated between 20 and 248, 12mo. In light-blue printed wraps. EIGHT. 'Department of Science, Technology, Arts and Law. Prospectus of Day Classes for the Thirtieth Session. 1903-4. 82pp., 8vo. With frontispiece drawing of the department, and plans. In grey printed wraps. NINE. 'Department of Commerce. Prospectus for the Session 1903-4.' Dated 23 March 1903. 7pp., 12mo. Stapled and unbound.