[Printed pamphlet.] University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Hall of Residence for Women Students. The Alexandra Hall (named by Special Permission), opened by H.R.H. Princess of Wales, 26th June, 1896. Rules and Regulations. [With application form.]

[Miss E. A. Carpenter, Lady Principal, The Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women Students, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; Board of Education Research Library]
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Without place or date. [University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.]
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10pp., 12mo. Comprising fourteen leaves (the first three paginated to 6 and the rest unpaginated), with the central bifolium ('Fees (Exclusive of Vacations)' and perforated 'College Entrance Form') on pink paper and the rest in red. Stapled and unbound. In good condition, with stamp and shelfmarks of the Board of Education Library. Three perforated leaves, carrying the 'College Entrance Form' (as described above), 'Hall Entrance Form for Resident Women Students' and 'Entrance Certificate | To be signed by a qualified medical man.' The 'Rules and Regulations' are on pp.3-6, and include '5. Students are not allowed to go boating without an experienced boatman.', '12. Students are prohibited from driving nails into the walls and forfeit to the College things so fixed. They must make good any damage caused by them. No exchange of rooms or removal of furniture may be effected without the consent of the Lady Principal.', '14. A penalty of five shillings will be inflicted on any student using a lighted candle without a candlestick.' Excessively scarce: no copies on COPAC, and the only copy on OCLC WorldCat at the Berlin State Library.