[Anglo-Jewish Association] Three Typed Letters Signed "Phineas L. May", Administration Officer, Anglo-Jewish Association, to George Bilainkin, "the editor of 'Illustrated'" "famous diplomatic correspondent"

[The Jewish Monthly] Phineas. L. May, Administration Officer, Anglo-Jewish Association.
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[Printed heading] Anglo-Jewish Association, Woburn House, Upper Woburn PLace, WC1 [London], January and February 1946.
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Total 4pp., 12mo, good condition. Letter 1 (25 Jan. 1946) He gives brief biographical detail, showing prior acquaintance, and praises an article of Bilainkin on Yugoslavia in the magazine 'Illustrated'. He says the Anglo-Jewish Asociation is "considering the publication in the near future of a National Jewish Monthly Magazine [...] and the Publicity Committee have asked me to approach you to become a co-opted member". He suggests lunch. The Asociation, he says, has up to then been publishing "a little magazine which has just been circulated to its members" every two or three months "but something more like 'World Affairs' is what is envisaged, for the format of the Monthly"; (1 Feb. 1946) He flatters Biliankin about his books and gives details for a meeting (place etc). He is disappointed that he won't be ab;le to meet the "Publications Committee" of the new proposed Jewish Monthly Magazine[..] but I will tell you all about it when we meet." 911 Feb. 1946) He's delighted to have met him after so many years and "was most interested to have your opinion of the proposed 'Jewish Monthly. and will convey your ideas on the subject to the Members of the Publicity Committee [...]" He sends him forms to be filled in to expedite closer involvement with Jewish organisations. Note: Phineas L. May was an entertainments officer during the War, and published "A Cartoon History of Anglo-Jewry" - among other things. The "Jewish Monthly" started up in 1947.