[The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen.] Album compiled by Howard Fuller of Hove, filled with material (mainly Edwardian) relating to the Fisherman's Mission, including photographs, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine articles and ephemera.

The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, London [Fishermen's Mission], British charitable organisation founded by Ebenezer Joseph Mather in 1881 [Howard Fuller of Hove; Sir Wilfred Grenfell]
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The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, Bridge House, 181 Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. The body of the collection dating from around 1906 to 1914, but containing items from 1938 and 1952.
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Around 150 items, tipped in or laid down on 88pp. (on 59 leaves) of a 4to album. In good condition, on aged paper, with workmanlike repairs to the spine of the volume. An attractive and informative volume, gathering together material from before the Great War relating to a significant organisation in the British cultural landscape, profusely illustrated and with manuscript additions and captions. A n illustrative cover of an issue of Sir Wilfred Grenfell's magazine 'Among the Deep Sea Fishers' is laid down on the front board, and a cover of an issue of the RNMDSF's magazine 'Toilers of the Deep' on the back board. Ownership stamp of 'Howard Fuller | 11 Rutland Gardens, Hove, 3.' on front pastedown. Fuller is certainly the compiler of the volume: the original of a 'Photo by the Lightkeeper of Haisbro Lightship' of 'Mr. Fuller, of Hove. Volunteer Missionary on board a Hospital Ship' is present, along with the magazine article by him ('A Holiday Letter to the Children') in which it is reproduced. Tipped in, in their entirety and in their original wraps are three RNMDSF pamphlets, none of which are to be found on COPAC or WorldCat: first, 'Mission Work in the Fishing Fleets. Being Suggestions for Intending and Accepted Candidates.', anonymous (undated, circa 1906?), 12pp., narrow 12mo; second, 'Our Medical and Social Mission Work in Labrador' by Wilfred T. Grenfell (with prefatory note dated July 1907), 8pp., 8vo; third, 'Past & Present. An Outsider's Testimony concerning The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. By the Special Correspondent of "The Nautical Magazine." (1906), 30pp., 4to, attractively illustrated. Nine original Edwardian photographs are laid down, including: one captioned 'Our harbour', showing a pier (Gorleston?) from the sea; another, a studio photograph by Alice C. Yardley, Gorleston-on-Sea Studios, captioned 'Mission Shipper Harry Lake & family. Xmas 1911'; three men in a ship's boat; three fishermen on deck taking in a net of fish; a ship (LO175) at the dockside; two portraits of fishermen posing on deck (one of them Fuller himself, see above); three images apparently connected with a temperance bar: first, a large group posing outside the building, second, a group (including a man behind a long bar and a billiard table) posing inside, third, three cooks posing in a kitchen. Magazine articles include one by Fuller, under the initials 'H. F.', titled ' "Betwixt Smith's Knoll and Haisbro"'; 'The Apostle of Labrador [i.e. Grenfell]' by P. T. McGrath; 'North-Sea Admiral' by Henry W. Nevinson; 'A Day in the Life of a North Sea Missionary' by Walter Wood; 'A great Novelist, Traveller, and Cricketer [i.e. Hesketh Prichard], on Labrador Missions'; 'The Making of a Man. The Boyhood and Youth of Grenfell of Labrador' by Alice Stronach; 'A Mission Ship's Exciting Voyage'; and five by Grenfell: 'Why I Fight the Drink in Labrador', 'Drink and Deep Sea Fishermen', 'A Voyage on an Ice-Floe', '"She hath done what she could." A Reverie in the Nightwatches' and 'Sir Frederick Treves'. Among the newspaper articles are one from 1908 titled '"Floating Coffins." Terrible Lot of Newfoundland Fishermen. Hundreds of Lives Lost.'; also 'Wrecks in the Gale. Steamer Turns Turtle. Heroic Rescue of the Crew. Men Saved by Lifelines.' (11 September 1908); 'Men who have no Sunday. The Cry of the Deep Sea Fishermen' (Sunday School Chronicle and Christian Outlook, 30 December 1909); 'Dogger Bank Disaster. Hull Trawler Lost with Eleven Men. Baltic Fleet Hero Drowned' (July 1909), with others from the The Christian, Daily Graphic, Daily Mail, Globe and other papers. One article - 'The Loss of the "Rohilla."' by 'Miss Grace' has a note by Fuller: 'The "Rohilla" was a hospital ship which struck a German mine in the North Sea. She was formerly owned by the B.S.M. Co.' Beneath a cutting of an article titled 'Three Brixham Fishermen Maimed' Fuller has written: 'I met Widgen's father at Milford Haven in 1908. He is a splendid Christian'. The nine postcards include four tinted illustrations of Cullercoats, North Shields and Fisberrow, with others of Blyth and Elie. There is some manuscript text, including a page of accounts, under which the following is written in blue pencil: '9 voyages a year | 10 weeks no pay | Cost of coal etc etc £18 week'. A few pieces of ephemera include a printed form (1p., folio) from the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, headed 'Mission Hospital Steamer', dated June 1909, and another form (1p., narrow foolscap 8vo) headed 'Return of Empties to Fleeters'.