[The Jewish Congregation, Edinburgh.] Printed handbill, signed by four members, and addressed in manuscript to the Managers of the Bank of Scotland, asking them to retain any funds they may hold of the late Abraham,or Abram Hayman of Edinburgh.

[The Jewish Congregation, Edinburgh, Scotland's first Jewish community] [Philip Levy; Abraham or Abram Hayman; Moses Eldorf; M. Ezekiel]
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Dated in manuscript 'Edinburgh | 24 Decr 1823'.
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1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged and creased paper, with one short closed tear. The printed text reads: 'We beg to intimate to you, that Abraham, or Abram Hayman, lately residing in Edinburgh, is now dead, leaving considerable Funds, and without having any Relation in this country. [the words 'that we know of at present' added in manuscript] You are requested therefore, to take notice of his death, and to retain any Funds of his which may happen to be in your hands, until some Person shall appear with an unquestionable legal title to receive the same.' With the autograph signatures of four members: 'Philip Levy Pret of the Jewish Congregation', 'M: Ezekiel Treasurer', 'Jacob' and 'Moses Eldorf'. In the bottom left-hand corner of the document two clerks of the Royal Bank of Scotland have signed to confirm that no deposit is held 'in the above name', the second dated 29 December 1823. There is a useful page on this congregation, titled 'Scotland's first Jewish community', on the BBC website.