[Charles Graves, brother of the poet Robert Graves.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr. Clark' of Warwick School, informing him that he is 'to become a schoolmaster' by giving a talk on the BBC, and discussing education and 'Broadcasting to schools'.

Charles Graves [Charles Ranke Patrick Graves] (1899-1977), journalist and writer, son of Alfred Perceval Graves (1846-1931), and brother of the poet Robert Graves (1895-1985)
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On letterhead of 34 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh. 23 April 1937.
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6pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He is writing to inform Clark that he is 'about to become a schoolmaster - temporarily only', and is 'giving the English Literature Course to Scottish Schools this session'. He is 'speaking on "Poetry of To-Day and Yesterday", or, in more precise terms, on Poetry since the death of Tennyson'. He gives the times of his talk, and hopes Clark will 'tune in'. 'Broadcasting to schools is increasing up here, though I imagine that it will be equally as popular, if not more popular, in England'. He does not suppose 'that it enters, in any way, into the curriculum at Warwick, though. It probably stops at secondary schools & is mainy undertaken for what, in the old days, we called Board Schools.' He imagines that 'that name is completely forgotten & that these schools are fast developing traditions of their own. In Scotland (true to its democratic ideals!) there appears to ccome a time when the best of these Schools make a bold bid to rank themselves with the public schools. The transformation is usually effected on the Rugby field. It's all very amusing, though many of our public schools have had as humble origins.' He turns to 'a theory advanced not so long ago by Arthur Gray [...] that Shakespeare may quite as well have attended Warwick School as Stratford', and ends in the hope that Clark will visit him in Edinburgh.