[E. P. Leigh-Bennett, journalist.] Typescript of promotional article titled 'The Sun Engraving Company Limited. (An impression of an Organisation and its Ideals.)' With 2 photographs of the factory exterior, and 12 more of drawings of employees.

E. P. Leigh-Bennett [Ernest Pendarves Leigh-Bennett] (c.1882-1937), journalist and author [The Sun Engraving Company Limited, Watford and London]
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[The Sun Engraving Company Limited, Watford and Milford House, London.] Undated.
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Of the fifteen items in this collection thirteen are in very good condition, lightly-aged, the two others, both photographs, are in fair condition, creased and aged. The typescript is 12pp., foolscap 8vo, on eleven leaves, pinned together in one corner. The piece was intended for use in a promotional booklet, its aims being described on p.11: 'The Staff of The Sun Engraving Company would like to think that if this little book should fall into the hands of anyone who has to use either printing or illustrations in the furtherance of his lawful occasions, he will be interested in the principles it endeavours to portray.' The piece begins: 'The Directors of the Sun Engraving Company came to me because part of my job in life is to commit to paper the thoughts and impressions of others which they would like to say themselves.' Two paragraphs have been scored through in pencil, the second deleted paragraph revealing something of Leigh-Bennett's attitude. It begins: 'The form and substance of the average "write-up" in their opinion (and incidentally in mine, although that does not matter) not only reeks of insincerity and sometimes mendacity, but loses most of its point in a welter of commercial unwisdom.' In his obituary in The Times, 6 July 1937, Leigh-Bennett is described as 'a free lance journalist without an equal in his chosen field'. Elsewhere in the same issue he is described as having written 'with knowledge and charm of everyday people and things'. The accompanying photographs are all black and white, with thirteen of the fourteen 15.5 x 21.5cm, and the other (an actual view of the outside of the Watford factory) 19 x 24 cm. One of the thirteen smaller photographs is another actual view of the factory exterior, the other twelve being illustrations of staff at work inside the factory. They are captioned on the reverse: 'Photogravure Etching', 'Restaurant Rest House & Bowling Green', 'Proofing Room', 'Natural object Studio', 'Entrance to Watford', 'Office Milford House', 'Etching Room Milford House', 'Studio Watford', '3 col Etching Room', 'Cylinder Guding & depositing', 'Composing Room', '