['The Leading Occult Monthly of the World', ed. News E. Wood.] Star of the Magi | An Exponent of Occult Science, Art and Philosophy. [20 issues bound together.]

News E. Wood, A.M., M.D., Editor and Proprietor of the Chicago occult journal 'Star of the Magi: An Exponent of Occult Science, Art and Philosophy'
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News E. Wood, A.M., M.D., Editor and Proprietor, 617 La Salle Avenue, Chicago, U.S.A. The twenty issues from 1 May 1902 (Vol. III No.7) to 1 December 1903 (Vol. IV No. 13).
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312pp., large 8vo. In publisher's green cloth binding, gilt. Internally good, sound and tight on lightly-aged paper; in worn binding. Each volume carries two pages of advertisements, with more in text. The earliest issue is typical, with articles on such subjects as reincarnation; prophecy; occult timepieces; occult uses of colours (by Professor G. R. Nile). An advertisement on p.2 of the earliest issue gives the magazine's view of itself: 'THE STAR OF THE MAGI IS THE LEADING OCCULT JOURNAL OF THE WORLD. A year's trial will convince you of this. | EVERY issue contains more REAL OCCULT MATTER than you will find in any other "Occult" Journal. It does not pretend to be occult and go to extremes in claiming that "matter is all" or that "spirit is all." It knows of the existence of both, and teaches accordingly. it gives no premiums because it is worth its subscription price, not only one but many times over. It panders to no fraud and defends no fake. It has the courage of its convictions, is progressive, clean and bright, and up-to-date. Astrology, Archaeology, Health and Hygiene, Astronomy, Anthropology, Natural Ethics, Mystic Mathematics, Quaint and Curious, etc. are regular features. Subscribe to-day, $1. Address, NEWS E. WOOD, 617 La Salle Avenue, Chicago, Ill.'