[Charles Sanderson, Sheffield steel manufacturer.] Autograph Letter Signed from John Purdie to G. P. Nicholson of Wath, criticising Sanderson over his bankruptcy and 'the Sale of the new Steam Engine'. With receipt to Sanderson from Ralph Forster.

John Purdie, Edinburgh Merchant [G. P. Nicholson, solicitor and naturalist, Wath-upon-Dearn, Yorkshire; Charles Sanderson (1803-1873) of Sharrow Vale, Sheffield, steel manufacturer]
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Purdie's letter: Edinburgh; 6 August 1845. Forster's receipt: Whitehaven; 17 April 1845.
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Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Purdie's letter: 4pp., 4to. Closely and neatly written on a bifolium, with the last page cross-written over the third. Addressed, with postmarks and red wax seal, to 'G. P. Nicholson Esqre. | Wath | nr Rotherham'. Purdie is strongly critical of Sanderson, as he indicates at the beginning of the letter: 'I have long been convinced that the opposite party never intended and never will return me a shilling of my money, unless compelled to do so, [...] I feel however often so irritated and indignant at the heartless robbery that has been practised upon me, that were it not for the unpleasant consequences it might entail upon my own family, I believe I could scarcely resist the strong impulse I have to take the Law into my own hands, and inflict summary punishment upon the Scoundrel.' He proceeds to describe the financial position since his leaving Swinton, including the following: 'There was about £100 due to me upon the Sale of the new Steam Engine, which ought to have been paid down at once, and I cannot see upon what plea they can attempt to retain that money, which ought to be seen about directly, or it may be swallowed up like the rest'. The letter continues in the same vein. Forster's receipt: 1p., 4to. Reads: 'Mr Charles Sanderson | Sir | We are favoured with your remittance of £5. 9. 6 which settles for the Pig Iron. | We are now making Iron of entirely different quality; it is esteemed by Staffordshire Manufacturers equal to Forrest of Dean Pig.'