Lithographic coloured London Fire Force plan, indicating the wartime Emergency Water Supply to the Trafalgar Square and Whitehall area of London, headed 'E. W. S. No. 284 | Plan referred to on Sheet No. 10 Water Unit Maps | re Government Buildings'.

[London Fire Force; Metropolitan Water Board; Fire Fighting in the Second World War; maps and plans]
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Without date or place. (London Fire Force, circa 1943.)
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On one side of piece of 41 x 20.5 cm paper, with lines and indications in light and dark blue, red and green. In fair condition, on aged paper, with creasing and one closed tear towards the head. The map has Trafalgar Square at its head (with the note that the two 'Basins' carry '40,000 Galls. each') and Parliament Square at its foot. Whitehall and Parliament Street connect the two on the right of the map, and to the left of the map is the lake in St James's Park: '200000 Galls Underground Tank | Pumping Station 1400 Galls | Pump | 15 foot Gravity Main from Serpentine'. Also marked on the map are 'Inlet connections for L.F.F. Pumps and Pits', '6 Signle Outlet Suction Hydrants Round Thread' and 'Two 6 foot Steel Pipes in Subway | Also under Embankment in Subway'. Down the centre of the map are the government buildings: the Admiralty, Treasury, Downing Street, Foreign and Colonial Offices, India Office and Home Office, Office of Works, Board of Education, Board of Trade and Ministry of Health. No other copy found listed.