Promotional pamphlet with a 'Map of the States | Missouri and Arkansas', and another map, and two texts: 'Facts about the Great Midland City of America. The City of St. Louis' and 'The Metropolis of Arkansas. | The City of Little Rock.'

Thomas Essex, Land Commissioner, Little Rock, Arkansas [The St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway Company; settlers in the United States of America]
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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America. [1880]
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The pamphlet is printed on both sides of a piece of 15.5 x 31 cm paper, which folds up to make sixpanels, each roughly 15.5 x 7.5 cm, and one double panel, 15.5 x 15 cm. The two maps are on the outer covers, and are coloured green and brown. The front cover carries the 'Map of the States | Missouri and Arkansas', with the caption 'Good Lands in a mild Climate | Are Sold very Cheaply on Ten Years' Payments.' On the back cover is a map of the United States of America, with the caption: 'Showing the Great Rivers and the many Railroads centering at the City of St. Louis, the Great Midland City of the United States.' The pamphlet opens out to another large circular illustration, of wings in a wheel ('Easy Travel Rapid Transit') flying over the area, with the words 'Bound for the Happy Lands' Above the illustration are the words 'Bird's Eye View of the Southern Latitudes of the Mississippi Valley, South of St. Louis, the Great Central City of America.' And beneath the illustration: 'These Latitudes have Excellent Climate and Varied Soils, which produce all Fruits, Grains, Grasses and Timbers of the Temperate Zone.' On the other side of the paper are four panels carrying the articles on St. Louis and on Little Rock, the latter signed by Essex. Both articles are written in small type, and contain a mass of information. For example, in the St Louis article: 'Among the many generous donations was that of ex-Mayor Bryan Mullanphy, who left a fund by will for giving aid to travelers and immigrants coming to settle bona fide in the West.' And ending the Little Rock article: 'The land owned by the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway Company is sold in pieces of 40 acres, at prices ranging from $2.50 to $6, and can be purchased on ten years' time if desired. Parties desiring to settle in Arkansas, or wishing further information, should address, | Thomas Essex, | Land Commissioner, | Little Rock, Ark.' The latest date in the text is 1880. A difficult item to track, but certainly extremely scarce, with no copy located on OCLC WorldCat or COPAC.