[Sir Kenneth Macmillan, choreographer.] Fourteen photographs of him by the theatre designer Yolanda Sonnabend, taken to assist her in painting her 1991 portrait of him, now in the National Portrait Gallery.

Kenneth Macmillan (1929-1992), Scottish ballet dancer and choreographer, artistic director of the Royal Ballet, 1970-1977 [Yolanda Sonnabend (b.1935), theatre designer and portrait painter]
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[London?] The fourteen photographs taken in preparation for Sonnabend's portrait, commissioned in 1991.
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Thirteen of the fourteen photographs are in black and white, with the largest 21.5 x 15.5 cm (with slight paint staining at edge), another 17.5 x 12.5 cm, and the other nine roughly 12.5 x 9 cm. The other print is a colour polaroid, with paint smudges from Sonnabend's portrait on the white mount. Other than the paint marks to three of the prints, in good condition, although six of the smaller ones have aged due to acid in the paper stock. Apparently taken in Sonnabend's studio, and not published, the photographs show Macmillan in different postures from a number of angles, full face, from the the side, seated on a wicker chair in front of a canvas, arms crossed. Two of the images in particular resemble Sonnabend's portrait, showing Macmillan resting his right arm on a white ledge. A product of the Slade School theatre design course, Sonnabend collaborated with MacMillan for over thirty years, beginning with Symphony in 1963.