[Pamphlets and Ephemera; Women and Education] A Collection of pamphlets and printed ephemera issued by "The Maria Grey Training College for Women Teachers established by the Teachers' Training & Registration Society" [found by Maria Grey].

[The Maria Grey Training College for Women Teachers]
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Much printed by the Women's Printing Society, Limited, 66 Whitcomb Street, [London], WC 1892-1906 (some missing, see below).
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Seven pamphlets, unbound, 20-32pp., 8vo, one damaged but complete,another sl. chipped, others complete and in fair condition, with labels, numbers and stamps of the Board of Education, sometimes obtrusive. Dating 1892-3, 1898-99 (missing 1893-4 to 1897-8), 1899-1900, 1900-1, 1901-2-3, 1903-4, 1905-6. Contents listed on title as follows: 1. Council of the Society; 2. Objects of the Society; 3. Prospectus of the Training College; 4. List of Former Students (many of their later "appointments", jobs, listed). Note: a brief history of the College is given in Josephine Kamm's "Hope Deferred (Routledge Revivals): Girls' Education in English History". WITH (usually with stamps): a. Two variant copies of "Some Account of The Maria Grey Training College", unbound, both 7pp., sl. differing formats. b. One-page printed items (unless ow stated) as follows: Certificate to be signed by parent re. health of daughter (2), an appeal for funds, information about scholarships (3 variants), instructions to students when first attending, article of the scholl reproduced from "Child Life"; blank form of registration, list of students ready to work (giving names, date of entry in college, certificates obtained, subjects offered/preferred, additional remarks on the student)(1901, 4pp. folio),an introduction to the College and its history, nature and progress (1903), request from the Principal for reference for student seeking admission, , and an announcement for a scholarship (190-1).