[Robert Machray, Bishop of Rupert's Land, Primate of All Canada.] Autograph Letter Signed ('R. Rupert's Land') to the Rev. Charles Alfred Jones, Vicar of Dedham, regarding the ordination of a 'man [who] seems promising'.

Robert Machray (1831-1904), first Primate of the Church of England in Canada [now the Anglican Church of Canada [Bishop of Rupert's Land; Primate of All Canada; Rev. Charles Alfred Jones (1837-1909)]
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On letterhead of the Bishop's Court, Winnipeg, Manitoba [Canada]. 23 March 1891.
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2pp., 12mo. On bifolium. In good condition, on aged paper. Addressed to 'My dear friend', the letter concerns the ordination of a 'man' who 'seems promising'. He states that it will be necessary before accepting him to ask for a college testimonial: 'This is adviseable [sic] lest there be anything of which you do not know.' After discussing the 'Exam[inatio]n. for Deacon's orders' he states: 'I am glad to see that you are Rural Dean of Dedham. The Dean told me that he had seen your appointment, but it escaped me.' He is 'holding an Ordination on Whitsunday. I suppose he could not be here a week before that.' After a few more comments the letter concludes.