autograph notes signed (x 3) to G.F. Troup Horne

W.W. Jacobs
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Humorous writer (1863-1943), one large 8vo page each. (1929) He is returning some "sketches", commenting on the difficulty of a beginner to get published despite merits, and the need for a little revision. (I have found nothing by Horne in the BLCat.)(1930) His handwriting is even more difficult than usual, but he is responding to a card and appears to be annoyed at a suggestion ("disgraceful"). His postscript runs "If I wrote like that I would take a few lessons". (1934) He thanks Horne for a copy of [Forester's] "Brown on Resolution" which he has started reading (interrupted by visitors). He is "still waiting for a report from Ruthin Castle. Oliver told me in a letter that the vetting [?] is finished. I hope it is satisfactory & that rest & treatment will soon put him right again". [Allusion unknown.] Three items,