[War Office publication, 'Not to be published'.] The Control of Epidemic Typhus 1942.

'By Command of the Army Council' [The War Office, Whitehall; British government publications; Second World War; Royal Army Medical Corps]
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'The War Office [Whitehall], June 17th, 1942.' ['Notified in A.C.Is.']
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12pp., 12mo. Stapled pamphlet. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with three punch holes at spine. Headings: General principles of control; Bionomics of the louse; Mode of spread of infection; The prevention of lousiness; Methods of disinfestation; Disposal of typhus cases and suspects; General epidemic measures [Measures in conjunction with civil authorities; Military organization; Action by the medical officer of the unit; Unit arrangements; Divisional arrangements; L. of C. and base areas; Disinfestation of prisoners of war]. Two tables at end: 'Capacity of Disinfestors of a Division' and 'Suggested Distribution of Bathing, Disinfesting and Laundering Units of a Division'. From a small archive of material belonging to Daphne Kayton of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Excessively scarce: no copies located, either on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.