[Two printed items.] 'Regulations for The Organisation of Detachments of The British Red Cross Society' (January 1939) and 'Dress Regulations for British Red Cross Detachments and the Society's Voluntary Detachments' (May 1939).

[The British Red Cross Society, regulations and dress regulations, 1939]
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Both items by The British Red Cross Society, London. The 'Regulations' ('Form D'): 14 Grosvenor Crescent, London, S.W.1. January 1939). The 'Dress Regulations' ('Form D(7)'). May 1939.
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Two stapled pamphlets. Both in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Both items are scarce, with no copies of either listed on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat. ONE ('Regulations'). 52pp., 8vo. Fold-out at rear: 'Chart shewing the organisation of the British Red Cross Society and its connection with (a) the International Red Cross, and (b) His Majesty's Government departments'. Table of contents at front, listing numerous topics from 'Definitions' to 'Air Raid Precautions Reserve'. Addendum (1p., 8vo) headed 'FORM D. January, 1939 | Amendments No. 1', loosely inserted. TWO ('Dress Regulations'): 52pp., 8vo. Contents at front lists seventeen sections, including 'Brassard for Non-Uniform Detachments', 'Women Ambulance Drivers', 'Method of Wearing Official Decorations and Ribands' and 'Schedule of Dress Orders'.