Autograph Letter, third person, to Bohte.

"Dr. Williams" .
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Oxford, 7 March 1824.
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One page, 4to, small portion torn off with small loss of text, dusted, text mainly clear. "Dr. Williams is obliged to return to Mr. Bohte the following articles contained in the last parcel-/ Acta Soc. vol.6th. - This work never taken by the Library / der Pflanzen/ American Med. Botany/ With Barrows Africa - 2 vols--/ The Leipzig Trans: still kept for consideration// Of the Index to Panzers <?> there ought to be a second volume -/ & Dr. W. desires Mr. Bohte to recollect that the 9th. & 10th. vols. of Nova Acta Physico-Medica [?] of the former parcel. cannot be kept unless the preceding <8?> vols. are present--/ - Of Meckels Tabulae Anatomicae [J.F. Meckel, "Tabulae anatomicae-pathologicae (4 parts, Lipsius, 1817-26)] <?>. 3 & 4 <??> [?? - torn off]". See #2051-2053, 2279 for more by Williams (one to).