[Female suffrage; printed pamphlet.] The Debate in the House of Commons on the Women's Disabilities Bill, on May 3rd, 1871.

[National Society for Women's Suffrage; Jacob Bright; Beresford Hope; Lyon Playfair; Lord John Manners; Alexander Ireland, Manchester printer; Female emancipation; Victorian feminism]
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Printed for the National Society for Women's Suffrage, and published by Messrs. Trübner and Co., Paternoster Row, London. 1871. [A. Ireland & Co., Printers, Pall Mall, Manchester.]
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43pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly-aged, no wraps, disbound. Includes speeches by Jacob Bright, Eastwick, Bouverie, Scourfield, Lord John Manners, Beresford Hope, Lyon Playfair, James, W. Hunt, The only copy traced (other than surrogates) at the University of London. No other copy currently on the market.