[ Frederic George Kitton, critic and artist. ] Autograph Card Signed ('F. G. Kitton') to editor of New York 'Book Buyer', giving details of article 'satirising the Bacon-Shakespeare theory', 'proving' that Gladstone wrote the novels of Dickens.

F. G. Kitton [Frederic George Kitton] (1856-1904), English artist and writer, an authority on Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Francis Bacon
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St Albans, England. 20 March 1899.
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1p., on 11 x 9 cm card. Addressed on reverse 'To the Editor of The Book Buyer | c/o Messrs. C. Scribner's Sons | New York City | U.S.A.' With two postmarks. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, and postage stamp removed. Since posting a letter on the previous day, he has 'discovered another article satirising the Bacon-Shakespeare theory', as with the one 'in Macmillan', anonymous. It is titled 'Who wrote Dickens's Novels?', and appeared in the Cornhill Magazine, August 1888. 'The author humorously endeavours to prove that Gladstone wrote them!!'