[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London literary dining club. ] Two pieces of ephemera: 1920s invitation form in envelope, printed in characteristic style in red and black; and handbill regarding 'Ladies' Night | April 24th, 1928'.

[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London literary dining club; Margot MacGibbon; Mirian Duncan; Admiral Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson ]
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[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London. ] Invitation from the 1920s; handbill relating to meeting on 24 April 1928.
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ONE: Invitation. Tastefully printed in red and black on one side of an 11.5 x 15 cm piece of card. The club's monogram in a red square in top left-hand corner. Headed: 'YE SETTE OF ODD VOLUMES | United once a month to form a Perfect Sette | Object: Conviviality and Mutual Admiration.' The form, which has not been filled in, invites the recipient to one of the Tuesday meetings at the Imperial Restaurant, No. 7 Glasshouse Street, Regent Street. In envelope with circular 'Odd Volumes' device in red on flap. The card is in good condition, lightly aged, and the envelope has some damage to the flap (not affecting device). TWO: Handbill (1p., 12mo.) headed 'Ye Sette of Odd Volumes. | LADIES' NIGHT | APRIL 24th, 1928.' Reads: 'During the course of the evening, the toast of "Ye Sette of Odd Volumes" will be proposed by Admiral Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson, G.C.B., and replied to by His Oddshippe. | To save any argument amongst the Company as to what music is being played by Miss Margot MacGibbon and Miss Mirian Duncan, it is announced that the programme will be as follows: [a list of four pieces follows]'. The handbill is in poor condition, with heavy damage to the top left-hand corner.