[ Reginald Reynolds, left-wing writer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Reginald Reynolds') to Francis Leslie Watson, complaining of his exclusion from a BBC radio programme on Mahatma Gandhi, one of whose closest English friends he claims to be.

Reginald Reynolds [ Reginald Arthur Reynolds ] (1905-1958), British Quaker and left-wing writer and pacifist, husband of Ethel Mannin [ Francis Leslie Watson (1907-1988), biographer; Mahatma Gandhi ]
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20 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London SW3. 13 October 1956.
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1p., 4to. Sixteen lines of closely-written text. The letter begins: 'On my return yesterday from a lecture tour in America I happened to hear of the series on Mahatma Gandhi that you have compiled, with Maurice Brown, for the Third Programme.' He complains that, although Watson had previously had his assurance that he was willing to participate in such it programme, it is 'rather hurtful to find that you have evidently decided to cut me out of the programme. There must, it is true, be many Indians who knew Gandhi better than I did; but among English people still living there are very few who can claim an earlier and a closer friendship - only, I think, Henry Polak & Horace Alexander.' He ends in paranoid style, by asking to know 'on what grounds you changed your mind!'