Two autograph letters signed, both one page, 4to, to an unnamed correspondent.

John Hawkins.
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Berkeley House, Little Hampton, 7 March (no year) and Bignor Park, near Petworth, 18 Oct. (no year).
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Miscellaneous writer and traveller in Greece and the Far East (1758?-1841), DNB. Two autograph letters signed, edges discoloured, texts clear and complete. (7 March) "Sir/ I yesterday received your new Catalogue in which I find two articles which I am desirous of having No 2634. Belon (Pierre) & 3440 Ranwolfs Travels. provided they are in pefectly good condition [underlined from "as"] [.] I possess a copy of the same edition of Belon, but it [superscript] being very much stained I should be glad to get another that is perfectly well preserved. Should these two books prove such fair copies as you think I require, You may forward them to me by the Cornet Coach from the Golden Cross Charing Cross. . . ."; (18 Oct.) "Sir/ I have received your account which is I beleive [sic] perfectly correct. The deduction which you have allowed on the original prices of the books, is such that I feel perfectly staisfied and am encouraged to give further orders. I wait only for your Catalogue to make out a new list./ I enclose two bank notes to the amount of £30 which nearly makes up the balance the remaining 12 sh may be added to the next account, and I will trouble you to acknowledge the receipt by the post. I will take the first opportunity of returning your note for the £100, which is now cancelled. . . ." Prob. Pierre Belon, "Plurimarum singularum rerum in Graecia, Asia, Aegypto &c ab ipso conspect. observationes. C. Clusius Lat. faciebat." s8vo, Antwerpiae, 1589. Two items,