Manuscript Catalogue of 'Books received by R. H. Grubbe by bequest from W. J. Grubbe who received them by bequest from Louis H. Hall to be handed on for the most part to descendants of Dr. George William Hall, Master of Pembroke College, Oxford.'

Louis Edmund Hall (b.1863); Rev. Reginald Hall Grubbe (b.1862) [ Dr George William Hall (1770-1843), Master of Pembroke College, Oxford and Vice-Chancellor ]
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'These books were recevied by the above R. H. G. in March & June 1926.'
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49pp. In 4to notebook with red cloth spine and black cloth boards. Internally in good condition, lightly aged, in aged and worn covers. An alphabetical list, with entries covering two facing pages, divided into three columns: 'Name of Book', 'Description' and 'How disposed of'. Almost all the entries in the last column are 'H[enr]y Hall', but one item is recorded as being 'Sent to Julia Hall'. The serious library of an educated Englishman, with almost no fiction present. Nearly all the books date from the period 1770-1900, although 'Gloucestershire Visitation of 1623' is also present. The 'Gladstone Almanack' of 1885 is described as: 'Paper cover - given by Charlotte Ferrier to L. H. H.' A Latin dictionary is described as having 'Belonged to William Hall apparently in 1693, & has the Bookplate of Francis Hall Esq. has been re-bound & is in good condition'. Rev. R. H. Grubbe was one of the twelve children of John Eustace Grubbe (1816-1899), magistrate, parliamentary agent, and mayor of Southwold, and his wife Julia Catherine, daughter of Rev. Dr George William Hall, Master of Pembroke College, Oxford. 'Louis H. Hall' was presumably one of the descendants of Dr Hall, but as no record of the name has been found, it is assumed that it is a mistake for Louis Edmund Hall.