'Secret' document, titled 'Brief Tactical Notes | 6th Armoured Division | To be carried by Officers on all training in the field.'

C. F. Keightley, Major General Commanding, 6th Armoured Division [ General Sir Charles Frederic Keightley (1901-1974) ]
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Place not stated [ North Africa ]. 20 September 1943.
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[1] + 14pp., 16mo. Unbound stapled pamphlet. A frail survival (no copy found on either OCLC WorldCat or COPAC). Aged and worn, with rusting staples. Stencil of the Division's insignia on cover. Divided into seven sections: 'Tactical Notes', 'Appreciations', 'Orders', 'Approach and Contact', 'Attack', 'Defence' and 'Breaking Contact'. In his 'Foreword' Keightley urges the reader, somewhat confusingly, to 'make absolutely certain that there is nothing left to help him ['your men'] fight efficiently and gallantly which it is in your power to do'. From the papers of military historian Barrie Pitt.